Pre-Combine Mock Draft

Very exciting time of year, my fellow Broncos fans. The event that can make or break a draft prospect's stock is only a couple of days away. Free agency is shortly after that, being a short month of February. I will probably be posting this mock offseason along with 2 more before free agency starts. Hope you enjoy the reads.

Free Agency Period


Spencer Larsen

Daniel Fells

Matt Prater

Britton Colquitt

Chris Clark

Russ Hochstein

Brodrick Bunkley

Jason Hunter

Mario Haggan

New Additions:

Josh Johnson (QB)

Johnson or Dixon would be great options as our backup QB, but Johnson would probably be cheaper, and I like him more for some unknown reason. He has a very strong arm and elite speed for a QB. Johnson would be a perfect fit for the offense we run and would be very capable coming into games for emergency starts. Did well in his lone start for Josh Freeman last year.

Scott Wells (C)

Scott Wells's course in Green Bay has come to an end, and it's a shame. Wells has been the anchor for the Packers' o-line for the majority of his 8 year career. Hopefully he can come to Denver and do the same. Walton could really use some time to develop, especially under a savvy veteran such as Wells. The Packers tried for years to replace Wells with some bigger, stronger centers, but he outperformed them all. Welcome to Denver, Mr. Wells, most likely for a very ideal price.

Larry Grant (MLB) - RFA

The Broncos need a nice signing that will bring in competition, but not state that they have moved on from Irving after only one season. Grant is a young MLB at age 27, who really stepped up last season when Patrick Willis went down with an injury. In the 3 games he started, Grant racked up 28 tackles, 1 sack, and 5 PDef. In the midst of this run, broadcasters, writers, and 49er staff alike, praised Larry. He seems to have great potential and would be a very nice signing, as he'd only cost a 7th rounder.

Dwight Lowery (FS)

After struggling a bit with the Jets as a CB, Lowery was traded to the Jaguars for a conditional pick. Del Rio shifted him to the safety position where he was a solid presence in the secondary for 11 starts. He would be a young veteran, at age 26, and could be a mainstay at safety with Carter for years to come.

Brandon Carr (CB)


Despite recent reports that the Chiefs still would like to re-sign Carr, I just don't see that happening. Neither does Bill Williamson of ESPN, who reported the news; he even wrote an article saying that he expects the Broncos to make a run at the unsung "Brandon" in the Chiefs' secondary. He goes on to state that Carr would be a perfect fit as our #2, eventually taking over the #1 spot when Champ moves to safety or retires. The 6'0 207 lb, 25 year old would be the golden fleece of our offseason if we can sign him.


*I have the Broncos placing an original draft status tender on Ryan McBean (4th round). Hopefully a DT needy team (pretty much every team in the top 10) takes a chance on him, coming off a nice season. For the sake of the mock, I have the Panthers signing McBean, who they can couple with Brockers to form a nice DT rotation. Better than their current starters, Andre Neblett and Frank Kearse...

1st round: Fletcher Cox (DT), Mississippi State, 6'4 295

Cox's stock has been steadily rising, as he has shed the late 1st/early 2nd label to a clear cut 1st rounder. Cox is a disruptive force in the middle who can collapse the pocket at will, using a combination of his athleticism and power. A solid run defender and an even better pass rusher, Cox finished his junior year with 56 tackles and 5 sacks.

2nd round: Cam Johnson (DE), Virginia, 6'3 270

The Broncos need another end to really push Ayers for the starting job. Just like Moreno, I'm not exactly ready to give up on our former 1st round pick, but something must be done. If Ayers does not impress in camp, or falters when the season begins, we can have Johnson in waiting for the starting job with open arms. An athletic freak, Johnson combines tremendous explosion with good speed and excellent power to provide nice pass rush. However, he needs to develop more to his repertoire than his wide and bull rushes, and must also find more consistency. An Ayers/Johnson rotation wouldn't be bad either.

3rd round: Brian Quick (WR), Appalachian State, 6'4 222

I'm really eager to see how MHR responds to this pick. After laying dormant in free agency at the WR position, I have us taking the receiver out of Appalachian State, who is oozing with potential. Quick has daunting size, good hands, and terrific hand-eye coordination. If he can run a sub 4.5 40 yard dash (his projected low is 4.48), or even low 4.5, he could set MHR afire. He is raw, but unique; has the makings of an all around talent at WR - possession game (good hands), deep threat (good speed and very long strides), and a huge red zone threat.

4th round (via Carolina): Nigel Bradham (OLB), Florida State, 6'2 237

Bradham has the typical size and athleticism Fox and Del Rio look for in their LBs. As you saw, I don't see Woodyard returning to Denver, so that opens up a need at WILL. He would be a solid backup for DJ, and would eventually take over the starting spot when the former's contract is up. He has a perfect injury record. Ferocious against the run and very good in coverage. Heck, the scouting report says he can play any 4-3 LB position, maybe he can be looked at as a MIKE if all else fails!

4th round: Robert Turbin (RB), Utah State, 5'9 216

Turbin is my favorite RB in the draft, just ahead of Miller, mostly because of the value in the late 4th. The guy is an absolute monster. He does have an injury history, but he would be splitting carries in Denver. There is also a concern for his "lack of competition," but if that is a reason why teams pass on him, that is BS. Other than that, there aren't many negatives. See for yourself.

5th round (via St. Louis): Akiem Hicks (DT), Regina, 6'5 324

Hicks is a very intriguing prospect to me. Coming out of a Canadian college, it is tough to find a decent scouting report on him. I read what I could and watched highlights of him. What I saw was this: the former LSU recruit is a disruptive force up the middle. His amazing size allows him to bull through offensive linemen, collapsing the pocket against the pass and destroying running lanes against the run. Posted very nice sack numbers in college, and helped himself greatly in the East-West Shrine game, flashing that great potential.

5th round: Russell Wilson (QB), Wisconsin, 5'11 203

Wilson is another very interesting player. Many make the case that if he were a couple inches taller, Wilson would be an early round prospect. I am one of those people. He has good accuracy and has the arm to make all the NFL throws, as well as exhibiting top QB speed. He would be a great developmental prospect at QB for us.

Final 53

QB: Tebow, Johnson, Weber/Wilson

RB: McGahee, Turbin, Moreno, Fannin

WR: Thomas, Quick, Decker, Hill, Goodwin

TE: Fells, Thomas, Green

LT: Clady, Harris

LG: Beadles, Hoch

OC: Wells, Walton

RG: Kuper, Hoch

RT: Franklin, Clark

DE: Dumervil, Hunter

DT: Bunkley, Vickerson, Hicks

DT: Cox, Warren

DE: Ayers, Cam Johnson

WLB: DJ, Nigel Bradham

MLB: Irving, Grant

SLB: Von, Haggan, Mohamed

CB: Champ, Carr, Harris, Goodman, Sydquan

FS: Lowery, Moore

SS: Carter, Bruton

K: Matt Prater

P: Britton Colquitt

KR: Goodwin

PR: Goodwin

LS: Lonie Paxton

That's how the cookie crumbles this time around. Just trying to put a new spin every time I do a mock, so hopefully you enjoyed this one. If you're about to complain about the lack of a 7th round pick, refer to my signing of one, Grant, Larry. Tell me what you think in the comments.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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