To Mock or Not To Mock, That is the Question

Careful, watch out for that pothole!

Did you make the jump? Good, listen up.

Based on last years draft and the history of John Fox, there are a couple things I believe we will do in this years draft.

1) We will draft BPA with positions of need in mind (duh)

2) we will take a RB somewhere in the first three rounds

3) if we draft a linebacker he will be fast and athletic, not big and slow

Also, Why in the name of La La Land would we trade DJ Williams? That guy is a solid, Fox-type linebacker who consistently makes plays for us.

First off---> re-signings










Secondly---> retirements?

No! Dawk/ Weapon X stays for one more year (thank the Lord)

Thirdly----> FA we acquire

Carr- please go after this guy hard, please?

Other than that i don't see any significant signings being made, except for possibly a MLB but i doubt we get a bona fide starter within our price range. Look for EFX to provide mainly depth through FA

Finally, the draft----->

Round 1, Pick 25- Michael Brockers

This guy has huge talent, potential, upside, and was a key contributor to a dominant defense. He's always being projected up and down the first round so he could be taken way before this. I think if he falls to 25, he's a no-brainer.

Alternate Pick- Fletcher Cox

Round 2, Pick 57- Chris Polk

Okay so he didn't blow your socks off at the senior bowl, but there's a guy on our team who did worse in the senior bowl a couple years ago and we're all pretty infatuated with him now (hint his initials are TT) Check the game film on this guy, big powerful back with break away speed. Tremendous college production. Seriously though. Check out some YouTube footage of this guy.

Alternate Pick- Doug Martin

Round 3, Pick 88- Sean Spence

Speed, Speed, Speed and more Speed. I think this guy will fall because he's undersized for a LB but as we all know Fox won't mind one bit. Plus he's athletic enough to cover TE's (anyone remember NE?) and could even possibly play as a hybrid SS and learn from Dawk (i'll talk more about this later)

Alternate Pick- Josh Kaddu, Oregon

Round 4, Pick 120- Joe Adams

Tebow gets a deep threat and a play maker too throw quick screens to, pay attention to his 40 time at the combine. (did i mention i like speed?) This guy can also get action in the return game, sorry Matt Willis, i like you but you're not a returner.

Alternate Pick- Chris Rainey

Round 5, Pick (who knows what #?)- Robert Turbin

Similar back to our guy Mcgahee and Polk, he looks fast and strong but did it against much weaker competition, but from the film i've seen i think we might give him a shot. Can you tell I don't really like Lance Ball?

Alternate Pick- Quentin Saulsberry, C, Miss St.

Round 5, Pick (can't count this high)- Russell Wilson

Tebow's back-up of the future. Great throwing on the run and our line will be used to a quarterback who extends plays with his feet. I doubt he's taken before now, but you never know with Qbs these days

Alternate Pick- Chandler Harnish, QB, Northern Illinois

And now-----> Conclusions

After the 5th round it's an accomplishment to make the roster in my book. Some of you will be crying that i didn't take a corner, and i would agree with you but i'm still praying over here that we get Brandon Carr, if we don't (highly probable) i think we will see a cornerback in the mix from rounds 2 through 4. But otherwise i think we are very deep with some talented corners. Champ obviously but Harris and Squid i think have potential and could be very good for us. Goodman is still solid but is painfully and obviously on the way out. We also have Vaughn on the roster who i think could progress nicely.

Also i don't like the idea of getting Dennis Dixon through free agency even though it seems to be popular around MHR of late. I would be happy with Tebow, Weber, and Rookie TBA but it seems like we will be picking a vet up from somewhere. I think I saw Garrard somewhere on here, and i like that but i don't think he wants to be a back-up.

Nate Irving. Hope. Expectations. I really want this guy to breakout, and soon. I'll be watching him closely through camp and pre-season. Please turn out to be THE PREDATOR we saw at NC State.

Speaking of hope, Rahim Moore. i honestly thought he looked great in pre-season, and then regressed all the way through the season. Someone please teach him how to tackle because i think he could be a really, really good deep cover guy and allow Carter too step into Dawkins "in the box SS" role. Otherwise like i was talking about with Sean Spence, Carter might have to stay at free and maybe Spence can become a SS.

Well i think that's it for me, please feel free to try and change my mind about anything and everything i said.

Go Broncos!


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