Pre-Combine Mock-ery

I've been able to resist the temptation to put out a mock draft so far this off season but I can't anymore. I think we need to resign/pay Matt Prater and Brodrick Bunkley. Then I think our biggest priorities in free agency should be to steal Brandon Carr away from the Chiefs and take Dan Connor from the Panthers. Now onto the draft:

Round 1 Pick #25: Denver Broncos select Lamar Miller, RB, Miami


Lamar Miller is my favorite RB in the 2012 NFL draft, extremely fast and elusive. If we're going to be a running team we need a young back to share the load Willis McGehee. Mike Mayock has him rated as the 3rd best RB in the draft and he's rated 43rd overall by

Round 2 Pick #57: Denver Broncos select Jared Crick, DE/DT, Nebraska


Colin Cowherd asked Von Miller who the Broncos should go after in the draft; his answer was Jared Crick and I totally agree. Crick is a 1st round talent who falls because of an injury. has him rated 52nd overall.

Round 3 Pick #88: Denver Broncos select Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami


Tommy Streeter is 6'5" with blinding speed and good hands. Pair him with Demarius Thomas on the edges, move Eric Decker into the slot, and we've got one of the best young WR cores in the league. has him rated 99th overall.

Round 4 Pick #120: Denver Broncos select Nate Potter, OG/T, Boise State


Nate Potter isn't really an exciting pick but he represents good depth for the offensive line. Potter will probably be a guard in the NFL but if an injury were to happen he could also fill in at tackle. has him rated 143rd overall.

Round 5 Pick #129: Denver Broncos select Vick Ballard, RB, Mississippi State


Vick Ballard is my sleeper prospect of the draft. He comes from a run heavy program and represents a major upgrade over Lance Ball and Jeremiah Johnson. has him rated 152nd overall.

Round 5 Pick #152: Denver Broncos select B.J. Coleman, QB, UT Chattanooga


B.J. Coleman is 6'5" 220lbs with a Howitzer for an arm. He comes from a small school and is a little raw but he has a ton of potential and would be a quality pick up in the late 5th round. has him rated 168th overall.

Round 7 Pick #216: Denver Broncos select Garth Gerhart, C, Arizona State


In the late 7th round we add more offensive line depth by picking up Toby Gerhart's younger brother. has him rated 238th overall.

Tell me what you think and what you would change. GO BRONCOS!!!

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