I'm a GM (in my mind), so of course, I lied.

Everyone on MHR is an avid NFL fan, so I'm sure most of you browse on throughout the day even when you know the headlines have likely not changed since your last patrol. Since that is the case, you have probably seen Michael Lombardi's latest article about the "Lying Season," in which he warns fans to pay no heed to whatever coaches or GMs say at the Combine. I like to think I can become a GM one day, and it appears as though I already have one of their qualities. In my last mock, I stated that it would be my last one until after the "largest job fair" in the world. I lied. Being only in high school, I have much more time than most of my fellow writers, so another mock after this one will probably be headed your way before the Combine is over. I am sorry... A majority of you guys have probably stopped reading and have already taken a leap of faith to the meat of the post, so let me end your misery.

Free Agency

*Note: I took a little more frugal route this time around in an attempt to give some new(er) ideas.


Spencer Larsen

Daniel Fells

Matt Prater

Britton Colquitt

Chris Clark

Russ Hochstein

Brodrick Bunkley

Jason Hunter

Mario Haggan

Joe Mays (backup and ST)

New Additions:

Josh Johnson

This is a guy I really think we should go after. I love his elite QB speed in our offense, giving us a sort of "change of pace QB" LOL, a possible way to use him. In all seriousness, he has a strong arm and is an intriguing prospect; a solid backup and emergency starter.

Robert Meachem


My biggest pickup. I feel like Meachem is exactly what we need. He is an extremely explosive receiver, a dynamic deep threat. Over the years, he has developed into a more complete receiver, but the deep ball is still his forte (as is Tebow's). The two would be a perfect match, and Meachem's stats would go up in a growing offense where he would not be buried by the likes of a Graham, Sproles, Colston, Moore, etc. People like to cite Fox as a "run, run, run as fast as you can" sort of guy, but they forget that Steve Smith, Muhsin Muhammed, and Ricky Proehl all thrived with him.

Ernie Sims

He would be a nice signing to backup DJ if Woody leaves, which I anticipate. Sims was one of my favorite players in the league with the Lions, when he posted 3 consecutive seasons of 100+ tackles, but an injury riddled 4th season occurred, and he hasn't been the same. Nevertheless, a career revival could still take place in Denver where two of the best LB coaches in the league reside. Still only 27, Sims would be a low risk, high reward signing.

Dwight Lowery

I would be ecstatic if Del Rio could lure Lowery away from the Jags. After all, he does owe his former coach a debt of gratitude for being the one who traded for him and gave him his shot. Dwight K. Schrute is a solid starting safety who could provide some stability in our secondary opposite Carter.

Tracy Porter


My second biggest pickup. Although I'd rather go after Brandon Carr, I promised I'd be more frugal this mock. Porter isn't a bad consolation prize. Pete Prisco of CBS actually stated that he was the best fit for the Broncos. He has decent size and is a high end #2 CB. Porter has put up excellent numbers despite playing on a defense where Gregg Williams literally blitzed on every play because of a lack of rush from the front 7. It is rumored that the team over in Oakland could make a play for him, since their HC, the Traider, Dennis Allen, has ties with Porter as his former DB coach. Let's beat em to him.

The Draft

1st round: Fletcher Cox (DT), Mississippi State, 6'4 295

Don't really need to say much. A big favorite on MHR and in my heart. LOL, just kidding. But I do really want him. Perhaps the best pass rushing DT in the draft, a disruptive force in the middle, and a strong run defender too. Hopefully workout warrior combine numbers don't push him out of our reach.

Incase you're an imbecile and haven't heard of him.

2nd round: Leonard Johnson (CB), Iowa State, 5'10 198

Absolutely love this guy's potential, which I think is shutdown corner potential. Here is why. Not many bad things to say from the scout. Mostly nitpicking. He may have average height, but Johnson is one of the more compact corners in the draft with a solid weight just under 200. Leonard also has great speed; will likely run in the 4.4 range, but has a low of 4.37. He also held his own against Justin Blackmon (his stats seem to be inflated by targets, as he averaged just 9.9 ypc) and Mo Sanu (6 rec, 66 yards).

3rd round: Isaiah Pead (RB), Cincinnati, 5'10 193

What impresses me the most about Pead is this statement: "...he has enough all-around game, including effort as a blocker, to be a three-down player at the next level," which I found here. As icing on the cake, Pead has amazing speed, but we all know that. A very good receiver out of the backfield, and an emerging returning threat as well. Could be the 1b to McGahee's 1a.

4th round: Malik Jackson (DE), Tennessee, 6'5 270

Right now, we need a guy who can take being a backup to Ayers, but at the same time, be ready to pounce on the starting job should the former 1st round pick falter. Jackson has the ability to be great. He showed this in his junior year when he racked up 48 tackles, 11 for loss, and 5 sacks. He had another good season in 2011, but his sack numbers dropped: 56 tackles, 2.5 sacks. He can play both inside and outside. Most interesting statement in his scouting report, which you can find here: "Jackson showed steady improvement over his career and his best football looks to be ahead of him - Tennessee coaches rave about his ability."

5th round (via St. Louis): Vick Ballard (RB), Mississippi State, 5'11 217

I am a supporter of drafting two RBs. Ballard is a very nice sleeper coming out of college, from a run heavy team. Looks like a classic, tough power back with a nice ability to run between the tackles. He is also a deceptively good receiver. When all is said and done for McGahee, we could be set with Pead and Ballard for years to come.

5th round: Derek Wolfe (DT), Cincinnati, 6'5 286

Interesting. Just realized I picked both a RB and DT from Miss. State and Cincinnati. Anyways, I know MHR is infatuated with Wolfe, as well. Again, so am I. No need to praise his motor or knack for getting to the QB again. Read it for yourself here.

7th round: Darron Thomas (QB), Oregon, 6'3 215

Very intriguing prospect. Rob Rang has a lot of nice things to say about him, but also some bad things. Besides, if things went my way, whoever we draft at QB would end up on the PS. I really like Weber, and believe he paid his dues and deserves a spot on the active roster. During last year's camp, there were reports that Weber was actually the most impressive QB.

That's the mock. Dissect it all you wish. Seriously, please comment. I have 7 hour driving classes tomorrow and I REALLY need something to do when we talk about common sense subjects.

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