The future CAN be NOW!!

After a very extensive post that disappeared upon previewing, I am going to give this another shot…I will admit this one is going to be a lot shorter, because honestly I am a little discouraged after wasting 4 hours writing and researching(although the research is still valuable). Any ways lets begin.

As the title indicates I do believe the future can be now. I like the fact that Elway &co. keep referring to a cap on each individual free agent available as this is how it should be. Many people around here as well as the MSM are confusing this with not spending. There is a huge difference between not spending and spending wisely. We are in a very enviable situation with our available cap room. There are more free agents this year than most and many teams don’t have much money to spend, all this could equal up to the Broncos getting some very good players at very reasonable prices. I would like to see us continue to look towards the future and not give out bad contracts to risky or over the hill players. Keeping that in mind first let’s look at our free agents to keep.

Broderick Bunkley~The way our roster sits now, he is a must sign. Our run defense needs to get better, so we can’t afford to lose our best run-stopper.

Matt Prater~ huge leg, clutch, young what else can we ask for?

Welsey Woodyard~Don’t want to overspend for this one but would love him back.

Eddie Royal~Same as above would love to keep for cheap.

Marcus Thomas~ I love him in a rotation with one of our new young studs.

Ryan Harris~Should be a great value if healthy, Could possibly become a starter and move Franklin to LG

Now let’s see what’s available on the open market to us….

First and foremost…..Mario Williams DE ~need I say more, he is a beast and would instantly help out defense immensely. Would create great flexibility on the DL and lets all close our eyes and imagine this.. It’s 3rd & 15 and Phillip Rivers is dropping back to pass our D-Line rushing him with no blitz is Doom, M. Williams, R. Ayers, Von Miller and crybaby Rivers just had an accident in his pants. Need I say more?

Laron Landry S~ We need to replace Dawkins and I’ve never been a fan of the Moore pick. Put Laron next to Carter for the next 5 or 6 years. He will come at a decent price because he is coming back from an injury.

Dominic Foxworth CB~ I had Brandon Carr here to start with but have since heard that EFX will address corner fairly early in the draft. Foxworth sounds like he will be out of Baltimore and would be a lot cheaper than Carr but is a smart player who will stop the run like Bailey. Would be nice to welcome him back.

Josh Johnson QB~gives us a solid veteran as a backup and to compete with Tebow, can run the same system.

I am sure there will be a couple of other additions like a veteran MLB, G, and WR. I think we will look for smart recievers who can help out Tebow when things break down. Now for the Draft.

Like most teams picking at the back of the draft the Broncos will be taking BPA but more so due to the fact that they can use help at every position group on the team.

Round 1-25 Dontari Poe~ The steelers pass on this beast in favor of O-line help. I won’t complain. I know most of you are going to say that he dowsn’t fit our system, that he is a NT but I believe he can play both. One scout said that the only reasonable comparison for Poe and his size/athleticism was Haoli Ngata. I to this day think what the Broncos would be like if we traded up for Ngata instead of Cutler. A player of his size and ability will help the run and the pass because teams will have to put multiple bodies on him. He is big, strong and has great feet sounds like a future all-pro to me the only downside was his competition in college but DL take a little while to develop anyways.

Change of plans…. Dontarie Poe just got done raising himself to a top 15 pick let’s forget about this draft. Plan B,,, the phone rings, Philly who drafted Luke Kuechly at pick 15 want back into the first for a big time replacement for djack. They send us 2-14, 2-19 and 4-4. We still take BPA for the first 5 picks and hope for the best. Mark my words in the right system, Poe will become an absolute beast. Oh well can't have them all.

Round 2-14 Kelechi Osemele, G, Iowa State ~Has been under the radar but an athletic freak who will make our line a force for years to come. He might even be able to move out to RT and kick Franklin inside.

Round 2-19 Kendall Reyes, DT, Connecticut ~Gives us the penetrating DT we need and will benefit from the rest of the talent on our D-Line.

Round 2-25 Trumaine Johnson, CB/FS, Montana ~Many teams are anxious to see how he runs and looks in drills to determine if he will be a safety or CB, as far as we are concerned it doesn’t matter we need both.

Round 3-25 Chris Polk, RB, Washington ~I wanted to draft LeMichael James here but Polk is too good of value to pass up. James may be what we are looking for this season but we could use Polk to replace McGahee in the future and we can get a scatback later on.

Round 4-4 Tommy Streeter, WR, Miami ~This is a great pick if we want to build around Tebow. Streeter is a lot like D. Thomas, they are both great blockers, big and very fast. We could use his blocking regularly with our ground attack, and he will keep people from paying too much attention to Thomas. Hill would have been the pick but helped himself a ton at the combine.

Round 4-25 Shaun Prater, CB, Iowa~ Solid pickup, will allow Trumaine Johnson or Champ to move to FS if Carter or Landry don’t work out. Doesn’t bring a ton of upside but will be able to help out day 1.

Round 5-2 B.J. Coleman, QB, UT-Chattanooga ~Gives us a fallback plan in case the Tebow experiment fails. He has great long term potential but will be a bit of a project. Elway can help groom him long term.

Round 5-25 Derek Wolfe, DT, Cincinnati ~Another penetrating DT who led the country in tackles for loss for interior lineman, a great under the radar value to give us more dline depth.

Round 7-25 David Paulson, TE, Oregon ~Should be a good weapon without stunting the growth of Thomas and Green.

There you have it I focused a lot more on offense than even I thought I would but with the big $ spent in free agency spent on D it evens out a little bit.

So with the draft and free agency done our roster is as follows….

QB~Tebow/Johnson/Weber/Coleman We gave Tebow competition,support and a backup plan.

RB~Mcgahee/Polk/Moreno/J. Johnson We get a new toy and can afford to keep Moreno as 3rd down back.

FB~Larson/Sylvester/Q. Johnson Good competition going into camp.

WR~Thomas/Streeter/Decker/Royal/Willis/Hill/Riley Serious downfield threats and plenty of potential.

TE~Fells/Thomas/Green/Paulson Fells is solid then great potential.

T~Clady/Franklin/Harris/Clark I hope Harris is healthy he really helps depth.

G~Kuper/Osemele/Beadles/Hochstein Beadles is very valuable as a backup and we get a stronger starter.

C~Walton/Paxson Hochstein will be backup C but I needed a spot for Paxon.

DE~Dumervile/Walliams/Ayers/Hunter/Harvey WoW

DT~Bunkley/Reyes/Thomas/Wolfe/Mcbean Added 2 good penetrating DT's.

OLB~Miller/Williams/Woodyard/Haggan Solid should se improvment from miller.

MLB~Irving/Mays I think they switch spots this year. Should help coverage.

CB~Bailey/Foxworth/Harris/Prater/Vaugn/S.Thompson Switch out Godman for Foxworth and let young guys grow.

FS~Carter/Johnson Good battle in camp with 2 very diferent players.

SS~Landry/Moore/Bruton Landry may not be the leader Dawkins was but a better player now.

K~Prater Doesn't need competition.

P~Colquitt Keeps improving

If you ask me this is a team ready to winnow the only variable might be at the quarterback position. If we continue to see growth there which I believe we will, we will repeat as division champs!

Let me know what you think, I can’t make everyone happy so be civil.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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