Taking Advantage of the Risers and "Sliders"

The 2012 NFL Scouting Combine has come and gone. Just last month it seemed so far away, and now all of us at MHR are fidgeting in our seats and twiddling our thumbs, waiting for free agency to begin. A nice way for me to burn the time is by writing these mock offseasons, so here come the flames.

Free Agency


Spencer Larsen

Daniel Fells

Matt Prater

Britton Colquitt

Chris Clark

Russ Hochstein

Brodrick Bunkley

Jason Hunter

Mario Haggan

New Additions:

Dennis Dixon (QB)

Dixon would be a very nice backup and emergency starter for the Broncos. Wouldn't cost too much at all, and is experienced in the spread option.

Samson Satele (OC)

A former 2nd round pick and " NFL all-rookie," Satele would be a welcome addition to a team with a need at center. He is a solid veteran who could push Walton to the limit, and probably even take the starting job. Not to mention, he'd be extra motivated against our arch rivals, the Raiders.

Jason Jones (DT)


My big signing of the offseason. After the Combine, I just don't see a situation where we can select a pass rushing DT in the 1st round. Cox 40-yard-dashed his way to the top half of round 1, we never had a chance with Brockers, and Still had a very unspectacular performance, and hasn't been able to shake the "lazy" label, regarding his effort in games. Jason Jones, however, is one of the best penetrating DTs in the league, and is young at the ripe age of 25. He would instantly make our DL one of the best in football. There were reports that the Titans and him were talking a contract, but nothing has materialized, and a report recently came out that Jones would become a free agent.

Mike Adams (FS)

A very solid veteran safety. He could provide the stability at the safety position we have longed for. As much as I'd love for Dawk to come back and win it all with us as a player, I just don't see it happening. Adams has been a quality DB his entire career, really coming into his own with Cleveland. Most importantly, he is a very good in coverage.

The Draft

1st round: Stephon Gilmore (CB), South Carolina, 6'0 190


As much as I had wanted to mock Gilmore to the Broncos in previous posts, I just didn't have the justification at the time to put up a valid argument as to why - obviously besides my own observations from YouTube, and trusting scouting reports. However, after putting on a clinic at the Combine, Gilmore has risen his stock to the late 1st round. He has a rare combination of size, speed, and fluidity of the hips and footwork (sound like a player you know?), displaying change of direction and balance with ease. Even further, scouts were raving about his ball skills and terrific hands during his drills. Gilmore can come into the league and start right away, opposite Champ, who I think he resembles, with all due respect to the Hall of Famer.

2nd round: Vinny Curry (DE), Marshall, 6'3 266


Remember my title? Curry's poor combine performance may be beneficial to the Broncos. He struggled the entire day, especially in his 40. Prior to the Combine, Curry was going in the early-mid 2nd round, so there is reason to believe he can fall to us. If so, he would be the steal of our draft. A freak of a pass rusher, and also a good run defender. Ol' Vinny can electric slide his way down to the 57th pick of the draft for all I care.

3rd round: Chris Givens (WR), Wake Forest, 5'11 200


Chris Givens is a playmaker. He has adequate size and blazing speed, a lot like a man named Victor Cruz. Also like Cruz, Givens is often viewed by scouts to come into the league and immediately be a no. 2, slot man. Best known as an elite deep threat, but he is not forgotten as a complete receiver with good hands and crafty route running ability. He can get jammed on occasion, but more often wins the battle at the LOS with his speed and jab step. As I mentioned above, Givens compares to Cruz and also Jeremy Maclin.

4th round: Mychal Kendricks (ILB), California, 5'11 240


4.47. Now, I don't like to put all my eggs in the 40 yard dash basket, but when an ILB runs the 40 faster than most DBs, WRs, and RBs, you've gotta pay attention. I have been a fan of the "pocket rocket" LB for awhile, and because of his size and build, I can't help but think of Stephen Tulloch (obviously much more athletic than Tulloch). Kendricks is an excellent tackler and very intelligent defensive player. I'm not sure if he hasn't pushed himself past the 4th round, but Kendricks would bring much needed competition to Irving. Draws comparisons to Curtis Lofton.

5th round (via St. Louis): Terrance Ganaway (RB), Baylor, 6'0 239


Ganaway is a prospect I really like. In the Alamo Bowl against Washington and Alameda Ta'amu, he really showed he wasn't the 3rd wheel to Batman and Robbin. He is a terrific, bruising, between the tackles runner who could help wear down the defenses for 4 quarters with McGahee.

5th round: Danny Trevathan (OLB), Kentucky, 6'0 237


Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. What a player and athlete. A tackling machine, who is also impressive in coverage. In 2010, against the Cam Newton-led Auburn Tigers, Trevathan racked up 17 tackles. Led the SEC in tackles two years in a row; in his senior year, Trevathan accumulated 143 tackles, 11.5 for loss, 3 sacks, 4 INT, 5 PDef, and 5 FF. His speed and intensity have drawn comparisons to Wesley Woodyard. Would be a great selection to backup DJ.

7th round: Nicolas Jean-Baptiste (DT), 6'2 335


I'm not a supporter of wasting a draft pick on a QB who Elway supposedly would "love to mold" into his prototypical passer. ISN'T THAT THE GOAL WITH TEBOW?! If he's really looking for someone to be his franchise QB incase Tebow doesn't work out, then there are several good ones coming out in 2013. Then you can spend a 1st rounder on one. NOT WASTE A PICK THIS YEAR. Oh yeah, let me go looking for the next franchise QB IN THE 4TH/5TH ROUND. So anywho...Jean-Baptiste has some real potential. I love the fact that he walked on, and he'd be a good depth pick at DT. He is a run stuffer with pass rushing potential, as he displayed some nice moves at the East-West Shrine game. 36 tackles and 4 sacks in his senior season.

Final 53

QB: Tebow, Dixon, Weber

RB: McGahee, Ganaway, Moreno, Fannin

FB: Larsen

WR: Thomas, Givens, Decker, Hill, Goodwin

TE: Fells, Thomas, Green

LT: Clady, Harris

LG: Beadles, Hoch

OC: Satele, Walton

RG: Kuper, Hoch

RT: Franklin, Clark

DE: Dumervil, Hunter

DT: Bunkley, Vickerson, Jean-Baptiste

DT: Jones, Warren

DE: Curry, Ayers

WLB: DJ, Trevathan

MLB: Irving, Kendricks

SLB: Von, Haggan, Mohamed

CB: Champ, Gilmore, Harris, Goodman, Syd'Quan

FS: Adams, Moore

SS: Carter, Bruton

K: Prater

P: Colquitt

KR: Goodwin

PR: Goodwin

LS: Paxton

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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