Combine Mock Draft

Last year I did maybe 20 mock drafts, I decide to knock it down to about 5 this year. I will make each one as we get closer to the draft. I'm no draft guru, but a die-hard Broncos fan. Through knowing our team and coaches this is who I think we will draft. Along with what I would like to see. Thanks in advance for reading.


Picks: 1.25, 2.25, 3.25, 4.25, 5.2, 5.25, 7.25

Round 1 Pick 25: Lamar Miller (RB) Miami FL

Miller had a great 40 time at the combine, and is a tough runner. With the age of McGahee and the status of Moreno, this would be a good pick up. I think this is a possibility knowing John Fox. Alternate: Jerel Worthy (DT) Michigan State, Devon Still (DT) Penn State

Who I Want: Unless a top CB falls here I would like for us to get Jerel Worthy, after avoiding this area last year, I look forward to this draft, and remember seeing worthy as the big guy. Although not as good a year as some expected, I think it would be nice to get him at 25. I also think a suitable RB can be got in FA or latter in the Draft.

Round 2 Pick 25: Kirk Cousins (QB) Michigan State

I think after a good passing day at the combine, EFX are drooling if they could get him here. I really don't want a QB first 3 rounds, but they want to add "competition" Alternate: Alameda Ta'amu (DT) Washington Jared Crick (DT/DE) Nebraska, Janoris Jenkins (CB) North Alabama

Who I Want: The best player available, duh. Seriously I would like to get a CB like Jenkins or Top available DT. I think Ta'amu would be a good addition to the D-Line, I also wouldn't be surprised if one of the bigger name DTs fall here.

Round 3 Pick 25: Marcus Forston (DT) Miami

After last years decent performance from the D line, (I think Bunkley had a good year) the DT position may not be as bad as people initially thought, however Forston here could help add depth, and challenge the starters. Alternate: We trade up and get a QB Late 2nd early 3rd, Isiah Pead (RB) Cincinnati, Desmond Trufant (CB) Washington

Who I Want: At this point I want the best available DT, CB, or RB available. I would like to leave the 3rd round with a DT, CB, and RB.

Round 4 Pick 25: Desmond Trufant (CB) Washington

Trufant as late 3rd round early 4th round potential, I think this is where EFX will get a CB, unless they used this pick earlier in the draft to trade up. Alternate: Donnie Fletcher (CB) Boston College

Who I Want: I actually wouldn't mind adding more depth in the backfield either at S or CB, best available DB may change opinions but I would like this pick at this spot.

Round 5 Pick 2 (from STL): Sean Spence (OLB) Miami

I think we will adress the LB position in round 5, not sure if we plan on trading DJ williams, but I wouldn't be surprised if we started the season with our starting LBs as W. Woodyard, Nate Irving, and Miller. I don't think Mario Haggan will make the roster, and we will need some depth that can learn and play special teams. Mays is a good show, hard hitter, but lack coverage skills, Im sure the coaches know this to.

Who I Want: I would like for us to continue to add depth on the defense or the oline. At this point if they draft someone and I recognize the name, thats good enough. (Not a draft Guru, nor do I watch a ton of CFB)

Last two picks will be further depth. This is how I see the Broncos drafting, along with some things I would like to see. The main thing we need to address is CB, DT, RB, I think we should draft each of these positions along with looking at FAs.

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