MHR Poll of the Week: Now onto Free Agency

Willis McGahhe made an instant and powerful impact as the Broncos biggest free agent pick up this past season. What choices do you feel the Broncos should make in free agency this off-season? (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Last week's poll asked the question what position you felt should be addressed through the draft. This was a way of viewing what position you felt he Broncos should get younger at. It was a pretty clear cut result with two items taking over 75% of the votes, but we'll discuss that in just a moment. It felt good to get back to MHR Poll of the Week, let's hope we can get back to this being a habit.

Let's start by looking at a few thoughts from the members...

Interesting poll Max...I voted for a DT first, but I think we will draft 4 or 5 of the positions listed... Even though I haven’t changed my mind on NOT drafting a DT, that is a lesser need with the talent on board. Bunkley, M Thomas, Vickerson, Warren, McBean, Unrein, Jarmon and Sealver…I believe we will draft one for depth and development later in the draft. Drafting our first pick (position/player) will depend on who EFX sign in free agency. We have several holes to address and how they work them in March will give us clues for the first pick, or at least narrow it down…


On the new poll, I voted DB since It’s always too painful to watch Goodman being torched play after play, week in and week out. But I’m ok with a 1st rounder DT pass rusher also.

Fabio Broncos

Gotta go D-Line. I say re-sign Bunkley, maybe Franchise him.

Then draft a DT like Brandon Thompson from Clemson, really impressing me. Someone who can be a presence in the middle. I don’t think a DT can be really addressed in free agency.

However, I think a CB is also a big need right now and should be addressed in Rounds 1-3 of the draft, if not in FA as well.



Answer: Votes Percentage
Quarterbacks 35 3.6%
Running Backs 74 7.7%
Offensive Line 15 1.6%
Wide Receivers 29 3.0%
Tight Ends 14 1.5%
Defensive Line 480 50.0%
Linebackers 58 6.0%
Defensive Backs 251 26.1%
Kicker/Punter 4 0.4%
Total: 960 100%

With defensive line taking 50% of the vote, it's clear that it's a need the Broncos fans want addressed, and not with a stopgap, rather with a long term solution. With the past two drafts being extremely deep and talented at defensive tackle, the Broncos hope they can find similar talent in this draft. After defensive tackle it seemed defensive back came in second with 26.1% of the vote, and with the age issues (Goodman, Champ, Dawk) and inexperience and lack of talent behind them, it makes sense to want a 1st round talent rather than trying to hit the lottery with mid round defensive backs.

Overall it seemed that defense was the side to go with in the draft, taking 82.2% of the votes with only running back and wide receiver getting much support. Oh and there were four people wanting a new kicker or punter, but I'm assuming they are just out there.

Well this week's poll asks not what position the Broncos should get younger in, rather what position needs an immediate upgrade if the Broncos are to remain competitive. These positions should be ones that Broncos are so bad at that if we don't upgrade and add a veteran player, we'd be screwed.

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