Scotty's Mock Draft

It's been awhile, but with the NFL Combine commencing, i figured it'd be a good time to do a mock. I'm going to do it a little different this time. I am going to take a swing at the entire first round, then mocking the rest of the Broncos picks.

So here we go!

1. Colts: QB Andrew Luck, Stanford 6'4 222lbs

- Obvious choice. Replaces Manning.

TRADE. Browns Trade picks, 4, 22 and others. (only trade i'm mocking)

2. Browns: QB: Robert Griffen III, Baylor 6'2 223lbs

- Browns need a play-making QB. They're in a tough but winnable division in a few years with the Ravens and Steelers getting older on the defensive side of the ball. Griffen will be great for Cleveland who is lacking excitement in their sports.

3. Vikings: Matt Kalil LT, USC 6'7 306lbs

- Vikings need to protect Ponder. Kalil will be great.

4. Rams(Via Browns): Justin Blackmon WR, Oklahoma St. 6'1 207lbs

- Personally i don't believe Blackmon is a top 5 pick, but Rams need to give Bradford some weapons. Team is terrible at WR.

5. Bucs: Morris Claiborne CB LSU, 5'11 188lbs

- Talib is in legal trouble. Rodney Barber is pretty old and might retire or be cut, so Claiborne who is the best pure corner to come out in awhile is their guy. Not as athletically gifted as former teammate Patrick Peterson, but Claiborne is a better corner.

6. Redskins: Riley Reiff OT, Iowa. 6'6 313lbs

- tough pick to mock right now, they could trade up for RG3, Sign Manning or Flynn, or even take Tannehill here. So i expect either them to take a QB here, Trade up for a QB, Sign a QB and take a blocker here, trade back, or get a weapon for whomever is QBing this team

7. Jaguars: Jonathan Martin OT, Stanford 6'5 312lbs

- Jags need to protect Gabberts blind-side, might be a little early for Martin, but LT's like QB's always go early.

8. Dolphins: Quinton Coples DE, UNC 6'6 284lbs

- Dolphins are going to a 4-3 scheme, so they need a pass-rusher opposite Cameron Wake. Coples would be perfect for them. I believe they will land Peyton Manning, but Ryan Tannehill could be a option either way. I could see the scenario where they let Manning play 2-3 years and let the very Raw Tennehill sit.

9. Panthers: Michael Brockers DT, LSU. 6'6 322lbs

- Carolina drafted a couple DT's last year, but none of them come close to Brockers. Brockers has loads of potential and would be a nice added addition to the Panthers.

10. Bills: Melvin Ingram DE, South Carolina. 6'1 264lbs

- Buffalo needs pass rushers, and ingram would fit that bill. He's a very intriguing player, he can play all over. Great motor and would help buffalo's DL alot.

11. Chiefs: Dontari Poe DT/NT/DE, Memphis. 6'4 346lbs

- I hate this, but it makes too much sense. Poe can play the Ngata role for them

12. Seahawks: Ryan Tannehill QB, Texas A&M. 6'4 221lbs

- Tavaris Jackson played well down the stretch, and was hindered by a injury. Tannehill will need time to develop so i could see him sitting a year, and let Jackson start, or eventually over-take him later in the season

13. Cardinals: Nick Perry OLB, USC. 6'3 271lbs

- Cardinals need some outside pass rushers, Perry is one of the better ones left on the board. He had a good combine, and i think he'll move ahead of Courtney Upshaw when the dust settles.

14. Cowboys: Dre Kirkpartick CB, Alabama. 6'2 186lbs

- Cowboys secondary needs help bad. Terrence Newman will probably be cut, Michael Jenkins hasn't panned out. Makes sense

15. Eagles: Luke Kuechly MLB, Boston College, 6'3 242lbs

- Makes tooo much sense, but will Andy Reid do it? I have my doubts.

16. Jets: Courtney Upshaw OLB, Alabama. 6'2 272lbs

- Jets need pass rushers. Upshaw is the best on the board right now. Played the position in Bama and should start day 1 for Rex Ryan.

17. Bengals: Trent Richardson RB, Alabama 5'9 228lbs

- If he falls this far, the bengals FO will be doing back-flips. I really don't know where else to mock him though. Bucs might have interest, but they really need Claiborne. Then who else? Seattle is getting Lynch back more than likely. Chiefs could be a sleeper team in on Richardson. Him and Charles would be terrifying. But after that, Cinci is in the drivers seat.

18. Chargers: David DeCastro G, Stanford 6'5 316lbs

- Deilmen just announced he was retiring, so now Chargers have a hole at Guard. DeCastro is a beast and like the chiefs pick, hate giving him to them.

19. Bears: Michael Floyd WR, Notre Dame. 6'3 220lbs

- Bears finally give Cutler a weapon. They curiously traded away his Tightend last year, and left him with nothing. Floyd would give him a big target, we all know how he did with Brandon Marshall here in Denver. I could see Chicago signing a WR in FA, but still, another WR would be needed.

20. Titans: Whitney Mercilus DE, Clemson. 6'4 261lbs

- Jason Jones will probably be leaving after they played him at DE last year when he's a DT. Derrick Morgan looks to be a bust. Mercilus who worries me about being a bust , but they need to upgrade at pass-rusher.

21. Bengals: Janoris Jenkins CB, North Alabama. 5'10 193lbs

- Makes perfect sense that Jenkins would end up in Cinci

22. Rams: Zach Brown OLB, UNC. 6'1 244lbs

- Rams need help all over. Zach Brown is the best Defensive player on the board i believe. They need major help at OLB. Rams could honestly go a number of different ways at this spot.

23. Lions: Mark Barron S, Alabama. 6'1 213lbs

Lions need help at Safety, Barron is the best DB on the board.

24. Steelers: Donta Hightower ILB, Alabama. 6'2 265lbs

- Farrior is a FA, Hightower would be a perfect fit for Pittsburgh.

25. Denver Broncos: Fletcher Cox DT, Mississippi St. 6'4 298lbs



Pass rush: Good quickness off the snap. Attacks gaps, getting skinny to slip past interior linemen when lining up as a defensive tackle. Enough speed to challenge the shoulders of strong-side tackles when lining up as a defensive end. Does not possess the explosiveness and flexibility to turn the corner efficiently, however, limiting his pass rush potential on the outside. Developing pass rush technique, including a swim move, but does not use this often enough. Relies almost exclusively on his bull rush. Generates an explosive pop to knock his opponent back onto his heels. Possesses the lateral agility to take advantage of the unbalanced offensive lineman to run around him and collapse the pocket.

Run defense: Good size and power, though Cox struggles with leverage, at times. Can be blown off the ball when double-teamed as he currently lacks prototypical width and thickness in his lower body for an interior defender. Cox does appear to have the frame to add an additional 10-15 pounds. Good upper-body strength and quick hands to disengage from the one-on-one block. Penetrates gaps and locates the football quickly. Slides off of blocks to latch onto ballcarriers as they attempt to run by. Alert defender who recognizes the trap block and possesses enough quickness to beat his opponent to the spot. Lacks the sustained speed to chase down ballcarriers, but puts good effort into his lateral pursuit.

Explosion: Varies his burst off the snap, but does not possess true explosiveness in his get-off. Among his best assets, however, is his strong upper body. Attacks blockers with an explosive pop, which allows him to disengage quickly.

Strength: Naturally strong man who is still learning to use his power to his advantage. Good to very good upper-body strength and leg drive to push his opponent deep into the pocket. Good strength as a drag-down tackler, as well. Does negate his own strength, on occasion, due to a high pad level.

Tackling: High effort player who locates the football and pursues laterally and downfield. An effective drag-down tackler due to his upper-body strength. Surprisingly light on his feet showing an ability to adjust to elusive ballcarriers in close quarters. Closes quickly and wraps up well, but isn't an explosive hitter likely to knock the ball free. Has forced just two fumbles in three seasons of action.

Intangibles: Naturally large man with plenty of room for additional growth. Appears to be just scratching the surface of his physical potential, though he has three years of starting experience in the SEC. Blocked four kicks from 2009-11. Was suspended for the 2011 season-opener (Memphis), along with four other Bulldogs, for an undisclosed violation of team rules.

--Rob Rang

My Take: I'm praying to god that his combine didn't knock him out of our range. He fits exactly what we need at interior DT. I really believe Poe worked himself ahead of Cox. Still could still go ahead to a team like the Eagles and Titans could take him. So there's a decent chance Cox will not be here, If not Still should be here. Someone will be available. Right now i'm hoping it's Cox. He fits perfectly into what we need. Sleeper DT pick is Kendall Reyes who is alot like Cox too.

Other possibilities are: RB Lamar Miller, Kendall Reyes, Stephon Gilmore, Jerel Worthy, Kendall Wright, Dennard.

26. Texans: Kendall Wright WR Baylor, 5'10 196lbs

- Kubiak would be doing back-flips if Wright falls this far

27. Patriots: Devon Still DT/DE, Penn St. 6'5 305lbs

- Can play 4-3 DT and 3-4 DE, which will interest Bill. He's also a pass rusher which they desperately need.

28. Packers: Peter Konz C, Wisconsin. 6'5 314lbs

- Scott Wells is leaving Via Free Agency, and the packers take the best Center in the draft in Konz.

29. Ravens: Mike Adams, LT, Ohio St. 6'7 323lbs

- Would be an instant upgrade over aging Bryant McKinnie.

30. 49ners: Stephen Hill WR, Georgia Tech. 6'4 215lbs

- Niners need to imporve their WR's badly. Crabtree isn't anything special, and after that it's not good. Hill gives them a big atheltic target for Alex Smith

31. Patriots: Andre Branch DE/OLB, Clemson. 6'4 260lbs

- Patriots need to Improve the pass-rush and Branch is a guy who can stand up and put his hand down, what Belichick likes.

32.: Giants: Colby Fleener TE, Stanford. 6'6 247lbs

- Giants need TE's after their starter and back-up tore ACL's in the Super Bowl. Fleener would give Eli a big athletic target.

Now onto the rest of the Broncos picks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2nd: Doug Martin RB, Boise St. 5'9 223lbs



Inside: Bowling-ball runner between the tackles. Flashes a burst into and out of the hole. Lowers his pads and delivers a blow into the chest of defenders. Falls forward on nearly every run due to lean. Finds creases with jump-steps and bounces into open on some plays, but buries his head too soon at times. Short build makes it difficult for defenders to find among lineman. Does not always read blocks correctly from pulling guards. Holds ball high and tight when inside. May not be big enough to move piles at the next level, but gets low and gives great effort to pick up short-yardage plays.

Outside: Good acceleration and straight-line speed to break off long runs. Cuts hard to his left and right equally well to avoid hard-charging safeties. Flashes setting up straight-on defender with inside-out cut which freezes them. Strong stiff-arm denies oncoming tacklers. Shows patience on stretch runs, plants foot and accelerates to avoid penetrating defenders or once finding a hole. Does not always move ball to outside hand. Ball gets away from his body when running at full speed; fumbled three times in 2010, twice in 2009 in limited carries. May not break away from NFL defenders as regularly as he did against non-BCS conference competition.

Breaking tackles: Low center of gravity, strong lean, and powerful legs let him bull through arm and shoulder tackles. Good balance to spin off a hit, maintain balance and continue downfield. Lowers pads on contact and churns through cut tackles in space. Cuts quickly and even jump-cuts through traffic and past second-level tacklers. Plays through the whistle.

Blocking: Does not offer much in terms of pass protection. Often subbed out in obvious passing situations, best help for the quarterback is as an outlet receiver. Does not anchor against oncoming blitzers. Poor cut tackler, defenders easily elude him. Lacks height but possesses strength, build and attitude to improve with more coaching.

Receiving: Solid receiver in the flat, capable of running through tackles on the edge to move the chains. Flexible enough to catch passes thrown behind him. Effective on center screens, makes first man miss to get into space. Rarely goes out of bounds (unless time requires), cuts inside tacklers to get extra yardage.

Intangibles: Offensive weapon with defensive mindset. NFL body comes from excellent weight room work ethic. Teammate Matt Slater referred to Martin as a "muscle hamster" due to his compact build.

--Chad Reuter

My Take: I love Martin, let's keep him as a Bronco and wearing Orange and Blue. Would be a great compliment and eventual replacement for McGahee. Like with Cox, i'm praying to god that he's available here, luckily Miller, Wilson and Polk faired well at the combine, so he could slip to us.

3rd: Jamell Fleming CB, Oklahoma. 5'11 202lbs



Man Coverage: Though not the tallest or biggest corner, has length and physicality to get a strong piece of receivers off the line. Short-area quickness helps him stay with receiver gets inside of him at the line, has enough speed to trail and make a play on the ball or secure the tackle. Stops his feet and allows receivers to get into his body when off, making him susceptible to double-moves. Lacks elite speed to catch NFL-caliber receivers deep after a false step forward.

Zone Coverage: Should excel as a zone defender because of his closing speed to wrap receivers after the catch. Generally transitions well from pedal to arrive at the same time as the ball on out routes, though he gets lazy (staying high) in his pedal at times.

Ball Skills: Possesses strong hands and quick reaction to make the interception, whether on a tip drill or baiting the passer so he can jump a stop or slant route. Knocks away passes with strong hits as the ball arrives or with his hands as receiver tries to bring in the throw. Drops the occasional catchable throw, like most defensive backs.

Run Support: Possesses physicality to be active against the run on the outside. Attacks inside rushes if uncovered or called to blitz, goes for the big hit and ferociously hugs the ballcarrier to bring him down. Speed and uses correct angles to track down backs towards the sideline. Flashes the strength to rip off tight end and receiver blocks, though he loses some battles simply due to his average size.

Tackling: Tenacious defender, gives great effort to bring down ballcarriers of all sizes. Goes for the strip, sometimes before tackle is secured. A bit aggressive attacking plays in front of him, but changes direction quickly enough and gets right angle to get back to the ballcarrer. Lacks great strength, needs help to bring down larger receivers and backs and will need to learn how to cut down similar players at the next level.

Intangibles: Did not enroll; at Oklahoma for spring 2009 for grades (attended Oklahoma City Community College) and 2011 semesters due to what was deemed a "personal issue" by head coach Bob Stoops but reported as academic misconduct. No on-field work ethic, however, seemed to be maturing in film study before and during junior year. Missed 2010 game against Texas with a sprained ankle.

--Chad Reuter

My Take: I like him, if we sign a veteran like i think we will to replace goodman he could be our dime guy at first, and let him slowly work his way into playing time. He really impressed me today with his ball skills, not the fastest, but will excel in zone coverage, which i believe we use if i'm not mistaken

4th: Jake Bequette DE, Arkansas. 6'5 264lbs



Strengths: Has a solidly-built frame with good upper body strength and tenacity, working hard to the ball. Plays fast with good initial quickness and closing speed to create havoc in the backfield. Possesses accurate snap anticipation and timing to beat blockers off the edge. Offers some versatility, rushing from a two and three point stance with the playing speed to stand up in space. Has good awareness against the run, setting the edge and holding contain. A relentless rusher with a competitive attitude and drive that are top-shelf -- overachiever and rushes like every play is his last. Possesses the strength to be a bull rusher and abuse blockers -- load to handle and will attract some holding penalties. Picks up energy as the game goes on and gets the most out of his ability. Team leader with a productive collegiate resume as a four-year starter (31.0 tackles for loss, 23.5 sacks and 8 forced fumbles), leading the SEC in sacks in 2011.

Weaknesses: Very average athletically with tight hips and straight-line speed. Shorter than ideal with average measureables. Possesses only average burst from a stationary position with body stiffness, lacking "special" explosion -- will struggle to win the edge at the next level. Not a natural bender, which limits his pass rush moves, and shows no secondary moves. Lacks overpowering strength and struggles to disengage at the point -- too often stonewalled off the snap. Has pedestrian hand placement and technique. Possesses streaky base strength and can be driven and redirected off the line of scrimmage in the run game. Needs to play smarter and control his aggression -- will hit too late at times. Needs to consistently bring down the ballcarrier once he get his hands on them -- doesn't always finish. Missed three games in 2011 with hamstring injury.

My Take: DE Depth could be an issue, with Hunter and Harvey being FA's. I like Bequette, solid motor, can do a little of everything and will give his all. Blue Collar guy, solid depth move i believe.

5th: Emmanuel Acho OLB, Texas. 6'1 238lbs



Read & React: Intelligent player who can play mike linebacker despite his lack of size because of his instincts and ability to find the ball in traffic. Reads quarterbacks' eyes and reacts quickly to targets in zone coverage.

Run defense: Best on the edge, bends around the tackle to stop backs before they get to the hole, forces off-tackle plays inside, and uses his speed to cut off plays to the sideline. Wiggles through creases to find the ball inside, though, and can stand up backs in the hole. Often avoids lineman blocks to survive between the tackles, which gives backs running lanes, but will stiff-arm lineman to stay free on some plays.

Pass defense: Athletic enough to stay with running backs out of the backfield, though he will jump at hesitation routes. Lines up against slot receivers, needs to get a hand on them at the line to keep up down the seam. Knocks receivers running crosses off their route within five-yard area. Adept at knocking down passes with good hand-eye coordination but needs to create the turnover more often. Caught with the eyes in the backfield at times, has recovery speed to get back into plays in the flat if a step late. Drops into zones while keeping an eye on underneath routes, also aware of crossers behind him.

Tackling: Reliable open field tackler, wrapping up ballcarriers and at times throwing them to the ground with aggression. Adds himself to piles and churns his legs to push back ballcarriers from getting the extra yard. Strong backs can run through his tackle attempts, though, if he's not in position. Occasionally overruns plays due to aggressive nature.

Pass Rush/Blitz: Displays some ability here, though he's not regularly used in this capacity. Closes quickly off the edge and is reliable in wrapping up quarterbacks in the backfield. Hesitates when facing running back blocks, tries to shimmy past instead of exploding into them or moving the blocker with his hands.

Intangibles: Excellent character and work ethic. Multiple first-team Academic All-Big 12 selections. Parents born in Nigeria. His middle name, Cinedum, means "God guides me." Missed three games due to knee injury in 2008. Had surgery on his hip before spring 2010 practices.

--Chad Reuter

5th: B.J Cunningham WR, Michigan St. 6'1 211lbs




Cunningham is very savvy off the ball to get into his route, he uses his core strength to swat away hands and leans on corners as he works into his route. He has very quick feet to get corners off balance in-route, and the explosion to burst and then snap off routes quickly and gain separation. He is a good zone-feel receiver who likes to sit in holes, catch the ball, and then work up field. He is a strong and physical player who makes his presence felt when blocking downfield.


Cunningham can struggle to get open at times if he doesn't get open quickly with his footwork. He can be physical in routes, which at times can allow defensive backs to run in-phase with him.

7th: Kellen Moore QB, Boise St. 6'0 197lbs




Moore is a strong leader and very poised in the pocket and under pressure. He has a quick pass set that is balanced and under control. He gets rid of the ball quickly and picks his spots effectively, although his release is slightly a 3/4 sidearm. He has all the intangibles and is a very accurate thrower both short and long. He understands route progressions and how to put touch on the ball. He will scan the field and locate his second and third options. This is a quarterback that is under control.


Moore is just under six feet tall, which is the major knock on his game as it translates to the next level. He struggles when throwing on the run and working outside the pocket, and is a very slow mover with his feet. The biggest knock on Moore is his arm strength, as he doesn't show the ability to drive the ball down the field with velocity. With the timing and effectiveness he has worked with under Boise State's system, Moore often lobs the ball and puts touch on it, his deep outs will likely be intercepted early in the NFL if he can't learn to drive it harder.

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