What the Broncos have already made this offseason

Ok folks, offseason.

We are all waiting for the Free Agency market to open on March, 13th and for the NFL Combine. Then we’ll be able to build our top-board picks of who would be the BPA at our draft spots and etc. However, for now, the Denver Broncos have already made some interesting offseason moves. That’s what I’d like to think about after the jump.


Dennis Allen (our DC last season) is now the Raiders new Head Coach. We replaced him hiring Jack Del Rio, and if you want further information about him I suggest you to read THIS ARTICLE written by Mike. I’ll just say we upgraded our coaching staff with this move, since he was my favorite name for this job.

To help him, Del Rio hired Luke Richesson, who was the Strengh and Conditioning Coach working for the Jaguars. He will be the man in charge to design and implement some programs at atheletes’ performances. I hope he can make a great job and extract the best of our players.

Last week, John Elway showed us he is serious about being surrounded by smart people, and hired Mike Sullivan to be our new salary cap expert, replacing Mike Bluem this way (our longtime capologist, who was with the Broncos for 17 years).

I really liked to see how our franchise is handling this very important part of the football. Having awesome players is great, but you can’t succeed with them if they aren’t coached properly (I’m looking at you Philadelphia Eagles).



As we know, we can’t sign any free agent until the market is open… We already signed some reserve/future contracts though, and it would be nice to take a look on them. I’ll start with the Defensive Linemen. We signed 4: Jeremy Beal, Jeremy Jarmon, Sealver Siliga and (this one signed prior the start of our offseason) Ben Garland.

I see some great upside at this young players and it makes me think we are well served with our current front-office scouting. I think they should restructure Ty Warren’s contract since he earned 1.5Mil this year and his contract provides 4.0Mil for him in 2012. It’s too expensive for a player who even stepped on the field last year. If he accepts a substantial pay cut, he will be a great add to the roster.

We also signed 3 Linebackers: Mike Mohamed, Cyril Obiozor and Brian Iwuh. It’s nice to see our coaches didn’t give up on Mohamed yet. He deserves an offseason to improve, and if they are giving him this chance, we can expect the same for Nate Irving. Yes, I’m in the bandwagon who thinks Nate can be (and I didn’t say will be) our next Al Wilson!

At the back of the field we went after 3 Defensive Backs: Tony Carter, Joshua Moore and Ramzee Robinson. This is another unit with plenty of youth that was very injured by the lockout. Rahim Moore looked great in preseason and awful sometimes in the regular games… Carter was a bit better but still needs several improvements. We shouldn’t call them busts, but it’s nice to see our coaches looking at other options in case of failure.



On the offense, I’ll start with what I think it’s the great news: Adam Weber. I really like the kid and I think he can learn the game and become a good and very cheap backup. We still need another QB, sure, and I prefer to sign a veteran to menthor him and Tim Tebow, instead of drafting one. If they decide they prefer to burn a pick, so please do it after the 4th round (I suggest Russell Wilson, Wisconsin Badgers).

What a rushing game last season huh? We don’t know how long McGahee will last, so it’s always good to see new names: Mario Fannin and Xavier Omon. I was enjoying the small sample of Mario until he got hurt. I think it’s a great opportunity now for us to evaluate if he can join the roster and maybe be our #3 or #4 H-Back.

At Wide Receiver we made 5 moves… very impressive: Mark Dell, D’Andre Goodwin, Tyler Grisham, Greg Orton and Tim Toone. Who will be the next Victor Cruz? Who knows! We just need to keep searching, so great job here. I don’t think because of the amount of the WRs signed we should think Eddie Royal or Matt Willis are done in Denver. It will be a very interesting competition to watch.

Cornelius Ingram: this is our new reserve/future Tight End to evaluate. I also hope Virgil Green and Julius Thomas can benefit from the full offseason and step up next year. They were rookies and overall I’m ok (but not very pleased) with their performances. Thomas started better but Green ended playing at a higher level than him.

And finally, we have 2 "new" Offensive Tackles: Adam Grant and Ryan Harris. To me, we can never stop scouting OLinemen. Never. The "surprise" here was the (re)sign of Harris after the Eagles cut him from IR. I don’t know what is the plan, but if I was in Elway’s shoes I’d use this new year to realize the big picture of our OL and then decide on anything.

If Franklin continues to improve as a T, then I think we should scout (and possibly draft) one good G and kick Zane Beadles to an all-purpose backup job. I think he would be the best 6th OLineman in NFL! If they realize Franklin can be good at Tackle but Pro Bowler at Guard, then we should slide him to the interior spot and decide if Harris is the answer or we should go after a new RT.

Plenty of stuff already in this early offseason. What are your thoughts about it dudes?

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