Calling out IAOFM

Any faithful MHR reader also knows about it's red-headed stepchild, I was banned from the site recently, and still don't have any idea as to why. Perhaps one of them might enlighten me one day. I'm not writing this post to go into an exhaustive history of IAOFM or to point out my many observations of their bias, over the months. I'm writing this post for two reasons. First, to point out their most recent examples of bias within the last 24 hours. Second, to sing the praises of MHR. Call me petty, but bias, inconsistency, and hypocrisy, no matter the scale, tend to bug me.

Bias Example #1 - IAOFM is notorious for pointing out every single thing Tim Tebow does. True to form, they point out every religious kook associated with Tebow, all the celebrity gossip about Tebow, and all the bad stories remotely tied to Tebow. Don't take my word for it. Peruse over their website, if you can stand it, and review the pages devoted to the mundane regarding Tim Tebow.

Rewind to yesterday and Tim Tebow winning the Never Say Die Award. MHR, and our own Sayre Bedinger, posted the story of this award at 3:59 PM PST. John Elway Tweeted at approximately the same time a congratulatory note to Tebow and Von Miller, for their winning of their respective off-season awards. IAOFM, who produces a story about Tim Tebow every time he scratches his rear, did not mention anything about the award, at all. It wasn't until today at approximately 8:00 AM PST, that the, "Daily Lard" has one brief blurb about the award, hidden inside the post.

I can predict what a response to this example will be. People will say that it wasn't a big award, or that Tim Tebow winning the award was a forgone conclusion, and posting news of the award would be anticlimactic. There are two reasons why these retorts are wrong. First, IAOFM consistently points out everything Tim Tebow does, why isn't winning a league-wide postseason award included in this? Second, Von Miller was expected to win DROY, so posting his receiving of the award, which they did, would be anticlimactic also, wouldn't it?

Bias Example #2 - The, "Daily Lard" had a link to the following story:

"Tebow told the Golf Channel's David Feherty that he may consider a future in politics, although he says he'll have to "pray about" it to make such a decision someday. So, basically Bob Tebow will make that call."

IAOFM adds the commentary of, "So, basically Bob Tebow will make that call." Think about that statement. Not only does this hateful and biased commentary demean Tim Tebow's faith, but it also infers that Tim Tebow is not his own man.

First, many people, including people as powerful as President of the United States, pray for guidance and direction in their life. I wonder if IAOFM would ridicule Tim Tebow regarding his faith, that he shares with millions of people, if he were Muslim. My guess is that ALL religious jokes would be off limits. The fact that IAOFM shows such a bias to something as simple as praying, gives you a snapshot into how biased and out of touch they are with everyday people. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not attempting to write a religious post, I'm merely pointing out a bias.

Second, this IAOFM commentary contends that Tim Tebow is not his own man and has to defer everything to his father, Bob Tebow. I would submit to you that Tim Tebow has more maturity in his left pinkie than most of us have in our entire body. Tebow has travelled the world and has likely been offered more pleasures of the flesh than you or I could ever imagine.

Most importantly, the craziest thing about this commentary is the bias it shows toward traditional parenting. The idea that a son would actually abide by the wishes of his father is something that is ridiculed in our degenerate society. In fact, if Tim Tebow were to rebel against his father, he would garner much more praise and understanding from our sick popular culture. I'm raising my children in a way that shows all sides of an argument, and I'm simultaneously trying to show them why I think my way is a better way than what our culture says. Is that wrong?

I write this not to personally attack any single person at IAOFM. Instead, I write this to point out bias and inconsistency, which annoy me.

Finally, I am thankful that MHR has a big enough tent that people of all walks can post freely. The leadership of MHR does not let personal belief get in the way of evaluation, appreciation, or notification. MHR is king because it has the perfect format and currently has an objective leadership. Here here.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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