Super Bowl Sunday was a good day for me

I am not a Giants fan. Far from it. But any dislike I have for the Giants, I have for the Patriots x5. I enjoy watching the Patriots lose nearly as much as watching the Raiders lose.I was talking to a friend of mine after the Spygate scandal broke and I said to him "I hope Bellicheat and Brady never win another SB after this." Well, it remains to be seen if they will win any more in the years to come, but another year has passed and they still have not won.

I have a number of reasons to dislike New England, not the least of which is what they did to us this season. But also among the reasons are the arrogance from Bellicheat and Brady, the aforementioned Spygate scandal and the fact that nearly every Pats fan I know is also a Red Sox fan, and I have not gotten over the unceremonious drubbing they laid on the Rockies in the World Series.

To all the Patriots fans out there who would no doubt respond to my enjoyment of their downfall by saying "well, at least we made it to the Super Bowl" I will say this. You are right. Your team made it all the way to the big game. But you know what, the Denver Broncos won as many Super Bowls as the Patriots did this year. And even though my beloved Broncos fell short, I am still very happy with the way the season turned out for us. My team far exceeded my preseason expectations and I am left with contentment for this year and anticipation for next year. To me, this was a very successful season for the Denver Broncos. How many Pats fans can say the same? If you read the threads over at Pats Pulpit, it is all doom and gloom. Nothing less than Super Bowl victory is acceptable.

Well, my response to that is, yes, it sucks to lose. We know, having been the recipients of a truly spectacular ass kicking courtesy of these self-same Patriots. But even at the in the final minutes of that game, as painful as it was, I still was able to look past that game and be optimistic for the future. Only one team wins it all at the end of the season. That does not mean that every other team was a failure. I have experienced both the ultimate highs and ultimate lows as a football fan, and I can still say that a season does not necessarily have to end in a Super Bowl victory to be a success. Here is a little hint for those Pats fans who have not yet figured that out: The sooner you do figure it out, the more you will enjoy being a football fan. Because right now, I gotta say, reading the threads at Pats Pulpit it sure looks like it sucks being a Patriots fan for most of them right now. And I know that some of that is due to how fresh the loss is and how much it stings at the moment, but still, get a grip people. You still have probably the best run franchise in the game and you compete for a title damn near every season. So you didn't win this one. Build a bridge and get over it.

Because I despise the Pats as much as I do, this game was very sweet for me. Knowing that the sports fans in New England hate all things New York more than anything else, losing the big game to a team from New York, and for the second time in as many meetings, has to sting more than anything. And I am just petty enough to get alot of enjoyment out of that. Karma is a bitch folks. After all the crowing Pats fans did after the Divisional round (with some exceptions, and you know who you are), I do not feel bad at all in reveling in watching them taken down a notch.

Now that the NFL offseason has begun for everyone, there will be mock drafts to be seen around every corner. I am not one to do mock drafts myself, but I look forward to reading them and seeing what my fellow fans see the team potentially doing come April. I am excited for the team moving forward and I think we are only going to get better. I am hoping that the championship window will be closing in the next couple years in New England. It looks to have already closed in Indy. With another good draft or two, I can see a window opening for Denver. I say it is time for a changing of the guard in the AFC. Let the Patriots, the Colts and the Steelers become a part of the past. And with any luck, lets see the Broncos return to the top of the AFC.

Let the mock drafts begin in earnest. GO BRONCOS!!!!!!

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