Canton: Where Mile High Dreams Die

I was reading the post on the main page where a suggestion was made to write letters to Canton, which I believe is a phenonenal idea. It is asinine that it should be up to the fans of the Broncos to resort to such a tactic but it is the bias in which we as Broncos fans live. The media and the writers pay little attention to our team unless your name is John Elway or Tim Tebow which will be shown after the jump.

This by no means is a scientific calculation of hall of famers but when looking at post Superbowl I hall of famers (players only and main contributing team only according to the HOF website) here is how we stack up.
Note: A player may count for two teams if their contributions are equal between both. ie Gary Zimmerman counts for both Min and Den. Tony Dorsett does not.

Bold=Back to Back Super Bowl Champions (Super Bowl Appearances)
0-Hou (0), Jac (0), Car (1)
1-TB (1), Cin (2), Atl (1)
2-Sea (1), Phi (2), Bal (1)
3-NYG (5), NO (1)
4-Den (6), Cle (0), NYJ (1), Det (0), NE (7), Ari (1)
5-SD (1)
6-Ind (4), Chi (2), Buf (4), Ten (1), SF (5)
7-KC (2)
8-Stl (3)
9-Mia (5)
10-Pit (8), Was (5), Min (4)
11-Oak (5), GB (5)
13-Dal (8)

No one from New England's dynasty has even been enshrined yet. San Fran could grab a couple more from their dynasty and Dallas may even snag a couple more spots from the early 90's.

Three of the Giants Super bowl appearances and five of the Pats have come in the last 12 years meaning most of their players are not even eligible yet. These two factors considered leave the Broncos firmly entrenched as the only team with back to back titles and four or more appearances in the big game with less than six hall of famers in the NFL since 1967.

OK so what got me going on this was a comment I read about being a hall of fame elitist and how only the elite of the elite should be enshrined. Folks winning back to back Super Bowls is elite, going to six Super Bowls is elite. Winning Championships is the fastest way to the hall of fame in any sport in theory but it doesn't seem to be playing out that way for our Broncos.

In my opinion four Broncos are absolutely qualified and are being cheated by not being bronzed. Rod Smith, Terrell Davis, Steve Atwater and Randy Gradishar are all more than qualified. Combined these four had 21 pro bowl selections, 12 first team all pro selections, 2 second team all pro selections, 2 all decade selections, 1 defensive player of the year, 1 offensive player of the year, 1 NFL MVP, 1 Super Bowl MVP, 8 SB appearances and 6 rings.

OK so I'm pissed and I wanted to rant, but It's getting aggravating seeing my heroes get snubbed. Lets write to Canton as suggested nominate some of our boys and get them where they rightfully belong on stage in yellow blazers.

Trivia: There are only five eligible players, with a Super Bowl ring, from from the first and second 1990's all decade team not already enshrined in Canton... Who are they?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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