The Waves of the NFL Draft and Misfit Toys.

Many players will either move up or down on NFL teams draft boards at the Combine last weekend. Some took a jump only Superman could pull of where others fell so far down they needed a parachute. All of us know who they are and most of us are wishing for a riser, I on the other hand like some of the guys that fell. Sitting at number 25 a riser is reaching for us but a guy that fell somewhat would be granted a “value” pick. Guys that rise to far have way more pressure put on them then the guys who underachieved at the Combine. I’m not talking about drafting Vontaze Burfict because he has fallen into the 3rd or maybe lower rounds. This young man might be a player at the next level but not in Denver it’s just not worth the risk. Now some of those players will be worth the risk and here is my Mock of those players!

I still think a youth movement will occur in Denver and we should resign Woodyard. I can already hear it-He wants starter money and we already have DJ Williams. I agree on both points now here is how we fix it. Sign Woodyard and trade DJ. Easier said than done I know but there are some teams out there needing OLB’s and one of those is Philly. The Eagles hold the 15th pick in the draft and I would like to see us move up to get my first pick so I say we make a trade.


Send our 1st and DJ to the Eagles for their 1st and 3rd.

Now I know that seems like Philly is getting the better deal and at first they are but let me show you how we fix that.

At #15 we take:

Dre Kirkpatrick, CB

Shortly after declaring for the draft in January, Kirkpatrick was arrested. However, the charges, for pot possession, were dropped. The marijuana, allegedly, was owned by a friend who was in the car with him. Having the charges dropped definitely helps Kirkpatrick, but NFL teams will still question his decision making and his off-the-field associations. He didn’t have the record book Combine he was needing and so he started to fall. Last year many on here compared Kirkpatrick to Patrick Peterson (Which I think we should have drafted last year) and they aren’t far off. He might not be as fast on paper but plays like it.

Round 2:

Alshon Jeffery, WR

This might be a bit unfair to Jeffery since he didn’t workout, but that is a big problem for me. Jeffery who actually measured in 2 inches shorter than he was reported (which didn’t help), decided to not workout despite no apparent injury. Even top rated receiver Justin Blackmon, benched and did the positional work despite an apparent sore ankle. Also other high ranking receivers Kendall Wright, Michael Floyd and Nick Toon all did at least partial workouts (including the 40 and positional work) despite missing some training time in the past month due to injury. Jeffery not working out really set him back, especially with so many receivers looking good in workouts. I think he could fall into the late 2nd round range.

Round 3 #77:

Jerel Worthy, DT

Jerel Worthy was once considered a top-10 prospect. In fact, he was slotted at No. 9 to the Broncos in the second edition of’s 2012 NFL Mock Draft. However, he's coming off a down year, looked sluggish, and overweight at the Combine. That's why he's fallen to Round 3. With such a deep class of DT this is not the stretch you might think.

Round 3#88:

Chris Polk, RB

Polk, who had a strong 2011 season, runs with good vision, cutting ability and hits the hole quickly. He runs behind his pads and can power through defenders. Making him a perfect fit for the Bronco’s ground attack of “Control and Punish”. He ran a 4.46 40 with a 1.47 10 yard split showing that he does have some burst. This should make us very tough to defend.

Round 4:

George Iloka, S

Talk about a tough Combine Iloka needed to show everyone something special but it never came. Iloka wasn’t that fast, wasn’t that fluent, and just never seemed to show anything spectacular. Now he was second on Boise State in tackles with 58 so that shows he can help in run support where Rahim Moore couldn’t last year. That’s a plus!

Round 5:

Sean Spence, OLB

Another guy that needed to show speed and agility but just didn’t. He is very undersized and running a 4.59 40 doesn’t show the speed needed to be that premier outside rusher. Now Spence's draft stock has been bouncing between the second and third day so I’m not sure he will fall this far but since he is so undersized and will fit only 4-3 defenses, that hurts the number of teams which can consider him making him a 5th round maybe.

Round 5b:

Michael Williams, TE

Michael Williams is a massive blocking tight end who did a good job of supporting the Crimson Tide's ground game. Williams is a great athlete for such a big tight end (6-6 270), so he is capable of producing more as a receiver. He only had 8 catches last year but 5 of them were for TD’s. Can you say “RED ZONE THREAT”?

Round 7:

Kellen Moore, QB

Kellen Moore is college quarterback who looks like a limited pro prospect because of a lack of size and physical tools but I don’t care. He is the best Bronco to ever play the position so why not try and make him another best in a different Bronco uni.

That’s my list of misfit toys! What do you think?

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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