Calling out McGeorge and Scotty Payne

Two months ago I posted what I thought was a well-intentioned, well-reasoned query on whether the Broncos should pursue Peyton Manning if he became available. I found MHR to be a less hospitable place than I would have expected, and I haven’t returned to the site since that posting, until today.

It was made most uncomfortable by the repeated tag-teaming of two members, McGeorge and Scotty Payne, who called me “stupid” “uneducated”, a “fantasy GM”, a “hater”, boastingly called their posts insulting, and more than implied that I was a bigot for suggesting that the Broncos trade Tebow. It can all be found in the comments section here.

I came back to the site today to see what the reaction was to the Peyton chatter, having recalled the furor that my initial post created. I looked up McGeorge and Scotty Payne specifically, to see what tune they now whistled. And what did I find?

McGeorge: “If Payton Manning has Denver at the top of his list, Denver would be crazy not to sign him.

“The guy is a top 5 QB of all time. I don’t know if he makes us a Super Bowl contender, but he does if Decker, DT and some TEs emerge as better than they’ve been. A lot better in the TEs and DTs case.”

“I love Tebow, but Payton Manning is Payton Manning. I’d trade Tim to the Jags in a heartbeat if Manning signs. Of course, assuming we get 1st round value for Tim. Would be bittersweet for me. But winning Super Bowls (now or in the future) is the goal. Payton gets us there now.” [sic]

Scotty Payne (from the Fanpost(!!!) he wrote suggesting that we try for Manning):

“If EFX brings him in for a workout and he tests out well, and our Doctors clear him... i'm all for it. I love Tebow, and Tebow time, but...This is Peyton Freaking Manning. Sure he might be a risk, so is Tebow, Manning might be an injury risk, so is tebow.” [sic]

While the many of the other posters were somewhat rude, they weren’t even close to the level of McGeorge and Scotty Payne, who accounted for almost 50 of the 148 comments on the post. Furthermore, most of the others who disagreed with my suggestion haven’t changed their tune like these two. This isn’t an “I told you so” post. This is about finding out whether McGeorge and Scotty Payne are man enough to admit when they’ve done wrong.

So what say you, McGeorge and Scotty Payne? Can you apologize for being jerks? Or will you continue to ridicule through the anonymity of the internet and hope that no one notices when you change your tune? The comments section is below, but you both know how to use that quite well.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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