The Next Generation

It appears Broncos Country is on the eve of another massive shift. The Duke is trying to hire himself a new general. This general is old, a master of his art, but with question as to whether or not to promote a young, incumbent knight, and with the general's failing health, the decision is rough. Peyton Manning may be coming to town, and I am left torn. The aftermath of these actions will be seen in full by the next generation.

The spoils of spring are starting to show, and the grass is looking green. Mile High Magic is in the air. This offseason succeeds one of the greatest seasons in recent Broncos history, one which was inspiring and full of hope. The Orange and Blue did the impossible while being led by the impossible. This young, budding team looks to have a bright future. With that in mind, the concept of making a full push to win it all now by the prospect of bringing in Manning seems debatable. The Broncos should try their hardest every year to win a Super Bowl, but this method of doing so does not seem like the right path.

I will support the Broncos regardless of what occurs in the very near future, and I am happy about the idea of having a legitimate shot at the Super Bowl. I would like to bring in Manning, but with the caveat that Tebow stays as a backup. This is not the time for the team to distance itself from the magic that has been created. The sun is warm, and the flowers are beautiful. I would hope that all that has been achieved does not go down in flames.

Do we remember the darkness, the great white orb casting the sun's shadow on the Rockies? Do we remember the faint rays out in the horizon, the tip of the sun itself being revealed? It took one season, one play. 80 yards.

I have in my room an orange rag, one proclaiming in bold “Mile High Magic,” one which earned its fair share of twirling. Someday I'll have it signed. Someday I'll have it framed. It will always be a testament to my greatest day as a Bronco fan, the first playoff game I'll have the pleasure of remembering.

Times have been great for being a Broncos fan, at least for the most part. This is definitely a team on the rise, and with or without Peyton there will be success. There are, however, strong rifts in the fanbase which can be much less desirable and at times hostile, a line of flame scorching across our great, open country.

I do not understand the relatively newborn trend of calling out one another's fan-hood. Is this how the fanbase has always been? What do we want to pass down to the next generation and myself? It shouldn't be a crime to wish the best for a player on our team, and at the same time it shouldn't be a crime to have an opinion which is a negative view on a player, with the intent being that one wishes for the best of the team. The debate is fun and it is truly grand; both sides are wishing for the same thing. We Broncos fans are bound by the golden pastures on the high plains, and the stampedes which roam on them. We all look up and wish to see the sun. It is truly an honor to support this team, to have the pride, the will to win, and a formidable history. This team could do itself well by looking back on its roots.

This team has been in massive flux over the past 3 years, and this is the reality of the next generation. All that is known is the mediocrity, and being stuck in a purgatory, if not taking a small dip into hell. It seems as though the team is on the verge of another golden era, and it feels great. This is why another change seems so detrimental; the turmoil has run rampant, and continuing it would seem to undermine the progress which has been made. The recent turn for the better is something to be passed on, not to be robbed away or risked.

I tend to look at the big picture, where I try to understand the current scheme and how the actions of today will affect the actions of tomorrow. In my mind, it appears that EFX's plan is to acquire Peyton, ship out or release Tebow, draft their own guy either this year or in the next few, and while making a serious run at the Super Bowl for the next few years and continue to build youth upon the team's current youth and have their quarterback start when the Manning era is over. It is a good plan, and yet I still do not fully agree. I love the underdog, and it makes me biased. Tebow is very much an underdog, and as such I support him more than usual and I would love nothing more than for him to win a Super Bowl wearing Broncos colors. I love Tebow's potential as well, and I think that he can be great and make this team elite for years to come.

I have not been spoiled by the past success of this team; to me, the Super Bowls are only hollow stories that prove only that this team should be prideful. I am of the group that hopes Tebow can have a similar historic run and create memories of glory for this next generation. I understand the desire for the majority of the fanbase to have a quick return to the Super Bowl and the glory. Personally, I am not one for instant gratification and would like to build a team that can have 15 years of greatness and serious runs like many have had and not just a small taste. There is a whole group of fans at will see Elway as an old legend, the greatest of all time, the distant pinnacle of past success, and that group is coming up fast. I love Elway, and I think he'll lead this team to massive success, but I do not possess the same attachment as those who saw him play do. This team is young, and as such this team is for that next generation. I truly hope Elway can spoil us from the front office like he did the current generation as a player, but I cannot help but feel the shade of dark clouds streaking across the sky. I just feel that he is missing out on a great opportunity.

I feel like he is leaving a dream unfulfilled.

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