Not Your Typical Take on Manning Madness

With all the coverage on our team, I've been lured back to get my football fix. There seems to be this guy named Peyton Manning trying to play quarterback after hurting his neck? I mean we kinda have a quarterback, but everyone seems to hate him... or love him. I don't think an offseason has ever intrigued me so much, I mean I knew Orton wasn't gonna make it through last year, but really, what does this move entail? Anyways, here's my first post on MHR.

In an ideal world, Tim Tebow throws tight spirals to receivers after making perfect reads downfield. In this ideal world he has four years left on his contract. Peyton Field Marshall Manning decides to come to Denver for three years. The Broncos win back to back Super Bowls in Peyton's last two years and he retires as a champ. All this time Tebow learns from the best QB in the game and learns how to audible for 35 seconds at the line (Imagine the defense waiting for 35 seconds on the goal line as Tebow audibles in and out of the Tebow Off tackle!). Tebow remains a Bronco for life as he starts at 27 or 28 years old (As old as Brandon Weeden now, just think about that).

But wait, this is an ideal world. After all the drastic doomsday predictions of the Broncos falling apart and trading Tebow, this is the World Series grand slam in the ninth over Boston's Green Monster. Fun to think about, but the reality is, the Rockies were swept. Tebow wants to start. He has three years left on his contract. Half the fans want him to start. And Denver is still hasn't had a Duke of Denver since Elway.

The chance for the above to happen is slim. And the Broncos have found themselves with the proposition, "Build with Tebow, or win with Manning now. We can't have our cake and eat it too.

In this situation, the Broncos won't get Manning (Hopefully not KC, either). As much as the media and fans badmouth our front office for not putting faith in Tebow, they are invested in him. It's foolish to say that they don't want anything to do with "McD's folly." They played him last year after they couldn't dump Orton. He restored Mile High Magic. He brought the Broncos back to the playoffs. It's foolish to think that they'd give up without giving him a full offseason. In addition, the team has more pressing needs than QB (See New England's 35 points in first half). Here, the front office did their due diligence to Champ, Goodie, Dawkins and all the veterans that were hoping for a Super Bowl shot soon. Everyone talks about Elway sympathizing with Manning, I think he feels for Champ. So many years without a ring, this is the action that says, "Hey, we tried." In this scenario we roll the dice with Tebow as a starter. Win a Super Bowl? Go back to a lottery team? It gets us right to where we were after this season, on a Mile High2

Cynically thinking, we acquire Manning. We win six games in a row right of the bat (we seem to have six game streaks for some reason). Manning goes down after suffering a nerve tear. We become the team who gambled on that used '65 Mustang to discover that she doesn't run well in the snow. Anyways, the rest of this story can be found on Wikipedia (see Favre, Brett).

Lastly, this is how to think like you go to business school (What's crackin' DU pioneers?). We go for Manning. Tebow requests, ever so kindly after thanking his Lord and Savior, to be traded and EFX obliges. Forget last year, this is a business. That sappy Mile High Miracle doesn't hide the fact we backed into the playoffs and were hazed by the frat pack of Brady, Gronkowski and Hernandez. Manning comes here and instantly turns the franchise into a contender, like most expect he can. Of course, there is the cost of goods sold by giving up Tebow, so his success will have to be subtracted from ours in order to find out our Gross Margin. Should we win, we kick back and sip single malts with cigars and celebrate being a business-savy franchise. That's right, we're the 1%, suckers. Should we lose, we a) Make like a government and say "It's okay, just bail out our team" or b) create a Occupy Mile High movement with tents made of previously purchased Tim Tebow jerseys. Anyways, it's fun to imagine.

I'm an optimist at heart. I love Tebow and what he did for our team last year. It was the most magical since we won the back to backs. It even beat going to the AFC championship game in the '05 season. I own two of his jerseys after buying them for pennies when he was benched for Orton. I feel invested in his progress, although I love the thought of him learning from Manning, the best QB in the game. If Tebow's okay with keeping Peyton's clipboard and we don't trade him, damnit, he's gonna be a beast in a few years. I doubt this miracle will happen and the Broncos will go with either one of the other three options, but hey I can hope right? Anyways, grab your Bronco Gear and hope for the best. GB2

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