Could Tim Tebow be a locker room cancer???

National attention for a franchise is always good, it means you matter. Tebow wins his first playoff game. Has a winning record. Has a ton of room to grow. Knows how to win, is a winner. Probably the greatest role model of his era. Even if the Broncos were to bring in Manning, and I fully understand why they would..why on Earth would the Broncos want to ship out Tebow???...........

Athletes in today's world are a mixed bag. You have outstanding role models, intellects, thugs, Christians, Atheists, Catholics, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc....some are selfish, some are giving, some are greedy, and some are modest. Unfortunately, winning is not as important as money, women, cars, and the lifestyle is for pro athletes. Also, there are many athletes who LOVE the spotlight and go out of their way to get into it. And when they see another player hogging the spotlight, they become jealous.

We all don't know exactly the feelings of the players that are in the Denver Broncos locker room. There are a lot of selfish, self serving pricks on every single NFL team out there...we have a good idea of which ones some of them are, but I'm sure we would be surprised about others. We have all seen opposing teams and the animosity they have towards Tebow because of the attention he gets. They feel they are better athletes and more deserving than he is...because they have "paid their dues". Even retired athletes, surprisingly many Broncos...seem to have an unjustified animosity toward Tim Tebow...Mark Schlereth, Alfred Williams, Shannon Sharpe just to name a few.

What I am getting at is that although what we hear out of the locker room is how great of a guy Tim is, and what a leader he is...that might not be what many of the players feel in the locker room. Veterans might be jealous of the attention he receives and all of the questions they have to answer about Tim Tebow. They may feel uncomfortable about the fact that Tim might just be a better human being than them...when he shows up before them, stays later...brings terminally ill children with him to every game. And doesn't join them at the clubs during the weekends.

We all know star players can be cancers in the locker room by being disruptive, greedy, selfish, demanding more money, getting arrested...and the list goes on and on. Every week, we hear of stories of NFL players getting arrested for something. Every time I log on to Twitter I see NFL players, Denver Broncos players bragging about their new Ferrari, or Bentley...or talking about their Vegas adventures...the clubs, the money, the fame. So what I wonder, is Tim Tebow's good guy personality capable of becoming a different type of locker room cancer?

The job of NFL players is to be a professional. So the easy answer to that question is absolutely not. But looking at all of the various backgrounds that NFL players come from, I can see how a guy like Tebow could be secretly despised of...even by his own teammates. He simply might be to good of a person and that might scare them.

How about the fans? It seems as though the constant Tebowmania talk has worn fans out to the point where they have animosity toward Tebow and if you support must be a God fearing Florida Gator fan amongst other cliche Tebowisms. So in a way, the fanbase has allowed a Tim Tebow to become a cancer. The fanbase has argued until we've lost our breath or our hands carpal tunneled us, ever since he arrived.

I don't fully believe that this is the case with the situation the Broncos are in, but the longer we sit during the off season and with all the Manning headlines coming our way every hour, it got me thinking why in the hell would the Broncos want to get rid of a player like Tim Tebow???

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