Offseason plan w/ Peyton Manning at QB

So rumor has it that there this Manning fellow may be coming to Denver... If that ends up being the case below would be my plan to not only set the Broncos up to win now, but also continue to build toward the future.

1. Sign Reggie Wayne. He had a productive season in 2011 especially if you consider that QB play in Indianapolis was atrocious. While I expect he will want a solid contract, I think he may come at a slight discount if he joins Peyton Manning in an attempt to win a SuperBowl in the Mile High City. With Thomas, Decker, and Wayne we would have a solid recieving core, with a good mixture of youth and experience. Let Royal test FA and if he wants to return to join that group re-sign him at a fair contract.

2.. Sign Dallas Clark. One of Denvers biggest weakness in 2011 was at recieving TE. Clark instantly improves that position, and the potential still exists in some young TE's on the roster (Specifically Julius Thomas).

3. Trade Tebow to Jacksonville for the 7th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. I know many of you will say trading Tebow is a mistake, and I see the logic. I like Tebow, I think he will be a star in this league, but the fact of the matter is if Elway/Fox did their homework, then that would mean Manning is healthy and intends to play 3-5 more years. Keeping Tebow as a backup, or package player doesn't make sense as he will be unlikely to re-sign with Denver after his contact expires. In addition there is the consideration of the distraction having Tebow on the team could cause. All those things considered a trade would be the best for all parties.

As far as the #7 pick goes, I think it would be fair compensation for what Tebow brings to the table for Jacksonville. He shows the potential that the NFL is looking for, has shown he can win games, and honestly, he will sell tickets for a struggling franchise.

I hate to see Tim leave the Orange and Blue, but considering he likely wouldn't play any meaningful time for the next several years, he could get us assets in trade to help us now. I would like to point out if Jacksonville isn't willing to give at least their #1 pick, we shouldn't trade him. He is a valuable asset and shouldn't be given away despite his position on the depth chart.

I realize most people stopped reading after the words "Trade Tim Tebow" but I have other thoughts for those of you who want to continue to read.

4. With the 7th pick we get in trade we take the top Cornerback available. Either Morris Claiborne or Dre Kirkpatrick, depending on who is still available at the #7 spot. That will strengthen our secondary now, and give us building blocks for when Champ eventually retires. CB could also be addressed in FA, but if we could get a young impact DB in the draft, it would not only build our team to win now with Manning, but shows that EFX is also still commited to building through the draft.

5. With the 25th pick (our current pick) we select Doug Martin, RB out of Boise State. He is a solid 3 down back who can split carries with McGahee. He is an excellent reciever, has good burst, and has big play ability. Should Martin not be available, or EFX decides to further strengthen the Defense with this pick we could also select the best DT available. DT is a need, but may not be as immeadiate with the return of Vickerson and Ty Warren. People often forget that the DT's that were supposed to be Denver's starters last year spent most of the year on IR.

6. The remaining Draft picks can be used for DT, LB, OL depth, Safety, or whatever else is seen as a need. One pick would need to be used on a developmental QB, and we would still need to sign a veteran backup in my opinion. Personally I hope that with a full offseason our young safeties continue to develop, and that we see improvement from Irving at the LB position.

So this plan would have us upgrading at QB (Manning), WR (Wayne), TE (Clark), CB (Claiborne), and RB (Martin) and adding depth to other core areas.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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