Buck up, Bronco Fans

This is my first post on this site, so be cool. Been reading Mile High Report for many years and in light of the recent developments and reaction, I've got some things to say.

This is a post about Manning and Tebow and MHR. Stay with me after the jump.

So it's looking at this time that we're a lock to get Peyton Manning in free agency and MHR is in a panty ripping tizzy. For shame, Bronco Fans. This is supposed to be a happy occasion!

By virtue of an unusual change resulting from the lockout the Broncos were able to roll over last years cap space enabling us to be a front runner for Manning. He chose us, above all the other teams. We played our salary smart last year and other teams didn't. We made enough good moves in coaching, draft and free agency to field a good enough team to make the playoffs and even win one. Tebow was terrific and inept in equal doses but it was an awesome, memorable season and as a result, the Broncos have traction again. That's why Manning wants to come here, along with the division we're in.

When we add a player of Manning's ability to our current roster and forecast free agent and draft additions, we're a contender for a Super Bowl.

If you think we're getting rid of Tebow, because we've added Manning, you're upset. I want you to remember that it hasn't happened yet. I've got my Tebow jersey and read his book and lived and died by every snap he's played. I also really wanted them to build a team that suited his style and do this the "right way", through the draft.

Things change, and our silly plans are just the way we make God laugh. Maybe the front office knew this outcome all along, but I can't believe that. I think they are just as surprised as we are that this situation fell into their laps and they've got to modify their plans. It was going to be a rebuild, now it's "win now". Bowlen is all in and it's his money up, not ours. If you're unable to adapt to changes in this life, you may as well add some beer to the cheerios you're crying in, because change keeps happening.

Tebow has not been traded and I don't believe he will be. A smart GM doesn't give up assets for peanuts and Tebow has proven himself to be outstanding in certain respects. I don't need to tell you what you already know about his strengths and the things he needs to work on. Orton was awful, so Tebow had to come in. He showed that he can be great but needs a lot of work and mentoring to have a complete game. Time behind a player like Manning will give him that. Tebow wants to be great. He's intelligent enough to understand that when you have an opportunity to learn from the best, you take it, even if it means delaying your own time as the #1.

We can win now with Manning, and attract terrific free agents on more favorable contracts, due to the perceived opportunity to win a championship. We can still develop Tebow and groom draft picks in the next few years to step in when Manning and key vets decide to hang it up. The result can possibly be championships followed by more championships--Bronco Nirvana.

Nothing is guaranteed with free agents or great draft picks, just look at Greg Oden (God bless him). Injuries are the x-factor in pro sports. The Broncos Brass are simply hedging their bets on production history and taking the best opportunity out there to improve the team. This is what we want from them. They and the coaching staff won't forget what Tebow has done and can do for the team. They'll continue to use him situationally, until it's time for him to take over. Until he's traded, adding Manning is neither an indictment against him or disloyal to him from EFX. Many of you won't agree with this, and if I'm proven wrong in my assessment you'll not hear any more out of me.

For now, I'd appreciate seeing a bit more intestinal fortitude from my Bronco fans. This situation is not at all "embarrassing", "shameful", or "madness". If anything, it's an embarrassment of riches! Every team in the league would like to be us right now. Let it play out. We've been doing the deep sh!t backstroke for years, had the Shanny mess after the SB wins, and before those wins were a bit of a laughing stock despite Elway's skill (remember Homer Simpson winning the Broncos and being bummed!). It's no wonder we have an underdog mentality, which is part of the reason we identify with Tebow so well. It's time to change that to an elite team mentality, because that's what this can represent for us. We, as die hard Bronco fans have earned it.

Knock, Knock.

Who's There?

Change. Hitch up your Bronco britches and get ready for some winning.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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