Alaska, Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos

Those of you who have read this site for a while may know me. For those of you who do not let me give you a little background. I moved to Denver in Summer 1998 and immediately became a Bronco fan! Good time right? Well I'm still a fan but I am also removed. I now live in Alaska. As such I have the pleasure of being removed from the mainstream and have time to think to myself. Going through my think process I have come up with some interesting thoughts. Follow me below if you are interested.

First off, let me say that I have been a Bronco Fan to see Many QB controversies. Brian Griese v. Bubby Brister; Brian Griese v. Gus Ferrotte v. Bubby Brister; Brian Griese v. Jake Plummer; Jake Plummer v. Jay Cutler; Kyle Orton v. Chris Simms; Kyle Orton v. Brady Quinn v. Tim Tebow; Kyle Orton v. Brady Quinn v. Tim Tebow v. Adam Webber! In a nut shell those are the QB battles we have had since Elway retired. Bradlee Van Pelt was never in a controversy but he was on the roster. Second, I have watched exactly three QB put win The Denver Broncos Playoff Games, John Elway, Jake Plummer and Tim Tebow. Now to the Elephant in the Room.

Peyton Manning. Personally, I like Tim Tebow and if he is the QB that we have day one, Sweet he won us a playoff game and deserves the right to fight for the job (nothing is ever handed to you). But we are talking about one of the greatest to EVER play the game in Peyton Manning. Now I know there are feelings that will be hurt here, but if your FO says they will do EVERYTHING to make this team a contender, do you not think that Looking at one of the best ever fit this? If he is healthy, Peyton manning would be on the opposite side of those 44-21 Indy/ Denver Shreddings. I am ok with that. We also don't have to trade Tebow! Yes he was a starter but sitting behind and learning from one of the best will have an effect on you like no other. I would like to address one other thing...

Position Hypocrisy!

We have the unfortunate problem in Denver of "Tebow Fans." They support Tebow and not the Broncos. That's fine to each their own, but it slightly clouds their judgement about this team. I asked my self a few questions to make my decision about Peyton Manning:

-IF Calvin Johnson was available would I be upset the Broncos were going after him? No. Demaryius Thomas has great potential but there is only one megatron.

-IF Adrian Peterson was available would I be upset the Broncos were going after him? No. MgGahee was great but there is only one AD

This list goes on but it made me realize, I like Tebow but Upgrading every position has to be the FO priority! In a business where you play to win and win it all, you have to. You don't simply let you homerism cloud out other players. We all like Nate Irving or want to draft a MLB. IF Jon Beason was somehow available though, I know about 90% of fans woudl say bring him in. QB is different though, especially in Denver. EVERY SINGLE QB has to be the next Elway, has to come out a polished passer and a winner. If they aren't a winner thats fine as long as they are a polished passer.

Another thought. I had this conversation about something totally different the other day but it applies to this as well.


You know what people are passionate about. I am passionate about sports and music. How do you know this? When you meet me that is what I talk about. you have guys like Vince Young who are mighty talented but have no passion. Passion will always be the great equalizer. When people talk about "IT" or "Intagibles" I know what IT is. IT is PASSION! We need guys with a passion for winning, who know what that means. Winning is a mind set not the end result of a game.

That's all I have sorry about my rambling style as always


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