Teams are made of players, not statistics....



This is for all of you who even think you know about being fans or supporting a team. For the last few days I've read all the mea culpas from prima donnas that I ever want to hear. Supporting your team starts with the players that are on it. Every one of you that participated in every game's blog can and will attest that this season brought an unbelievable amount of entertainment, pride, and joy back to being a Bronco's fan. Don't ever tell me that the Pittsburgh game was expected or that we should have even been there; we were there (and please don't shove any of your lame, illogical reasoning down our throats anymore) because we changed QB's and the Team responded. But enough of this silly pastime that captivates us and forces us to examine ourselves and our lives.

Let's look at who deserves our admiration, respect, and following; whether through cheers during the season or gratitude that somehow, he represents us. We could look back at the long string of courtroom defendants, or failing drug screen examinees, or players so self centered they make black holes seem giving. We have what has to be one of the truly admirable people not only in sport, but in our country (and if that's the case then why not the Globe); and we allow, NO, we praise those lying, manipulative SOB's who don't even have the decency to treat him like most of us would treat a stranger in need.

Call me whatever you want, label me a Tebowmaniac or worse, but my (now) 8 year old son has been following Tebow since college. I used to think wouldn't it be nice if I could be my son's hero or who he looks up to, or someone he wants to be like. Not anymore; I'm not as worthwhile as this fellow. When he won the Jets game and the announcers tried to humiliate him with leading negative remarks about his game did he take their bait? No, he smiled, turned the other cheek, and said that the most important thing that happened this week wasn't this game against the Jets, it was the ground breaking on his new hospital in the Philippines. Took all the barbs and pomposity out of their words with one simple sentence. I couldn't have offered that as my comeback, I would have let a string of explicative language fly or at best I would have been sullen and defensive. But not our QB. When Thomas dropped an easy pass in the end zone and came back to the bench with his tail between his legs and humbly sat next to his QB and fully expected to be lashed at did Tebow do what all of us would have done and scold him or berate him? No, Tebow smiled, put his arm around his back, and told him, "don't worry, you'll catch the game winning touchdown." How many CEO's can run a company with that kind of team-building and compassion? I've worked for a long time in many capacities with some dynamic and successful people (University Presidents if you must know) and NONE of them could have had the temperament and forthright honesty to speak to someone who not only just failed so miserably, but was still a valued member of the team. But Tebow did. That's why we cheered him crazily and watch his every move, because he inspires not only his team, but everyone who is near him and recognizes how special and unique and honest he is.

So here's another page and clip showing us yet another reason we look like the asses of the world in letting this unique and admirable and winning young man willingly leave our team (don't tell me how that's not the case, and if they fail to sign Manning, how do they go back and tell Tebow that it didn't mean anything and we really do want you - with a straight face). It's something Tebow has been doing since he was at Florida, but it wasn't always publicized. Look at the picture, you don't even have to read the link to the story. When was the last time any of you took the time to do something like this? I'm sure there are a few of you who can answer positively, but not that many. Tebow does this type of act several times a week; still want the door not to strike him on his way out? We can always grab someone who spends that same time that Tebow spends on kids on defending themselves in court, or beating up women, or just complaining that the six cars they have just isn't enough.

Again, lambaste me all you want but Football is much more than winning every game; it's how you win and sometimes how you lose; it mirrors life and we should learn from it. What it's taught me these last few days is that if I were in a foxhole, scared and needing help, I wouldn't want to see those who run this team coming. As for those of you who understand and support your QB, who took us to the playoffs for the first time (as a team) in many years; I'm glad to be affiliated with you. For those who would trash him and throw him out like yesterdays wastes, you don't surprise me one bit. That particularly goes for several of the "Editorial Board" here at MHR; starting with the brilliant reporting from the Training Camp to the begrudging compliments as Tebow ran all over Revis and countless other NFL Thugs and (your) desirables. Maybe after Payton has his moment and signs (and proceeds to get seriously hurt) or goes elsewhere you can see if Rapistburger wants to grace our fair city?

Regards to all that support their worthwhile teams players.

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