New Stars, Same Story

It's been quite a long time since my last post here. I've been reading and enjoying Mile High Report since I discovered this place back in the crazy shock of the Shanahan firing. As the years have gone on I've slowly drifted further and further away, watching more and more of my favorite contributors take to new shores and start offering their writing to appreciative eyes, where it won't get swamped by a comment section of instantaneous judgement spawned by glance-over readers.

Now this doesn't apply to everyone, and there are still some stellar contributors here, and people that literally work their butts of providing coverage, insight, and creative perspectives on all thing Broncos. But the general reader-base has shifted from being a majority of interested Broncos fans willing to listen and have gentle-MANLY debates about our favorite team... Now those are the minority, and when I glance over a comment section (which is the MOST I do these days) I feel like i'm back in Iraq/Afghanistan observing/participating in guerrilla warfare. It's just depressing, and truly unfortunate; because it lessens my interest to try and read as many fanposts as I have time for (which usually have several great points in them, no matter what perspective they are advocating).

I used to complain to John Bena that he needed to find some way to make the fanshot section pop out more, because I would always forget to check it (or sometimes not even see it) while I was diving through fanpost after fanpost. However, now the only thing I really do is check on the fanshots from my phone. I probably log in to MHR on my computer once a week - if even that often. I am not sure what has changed. Whether it has been an influx of less-than-savory readers or just the recent turmoil of our franchise playing out in the hearts of fans... it has just gotten... worse. And it gets uglier every week.

The debates over the QB position ever since McDaniels came in and Cutler pulled out his punk card have really been the biggest cause of division on this site. There is a place for differing opinions and interestingly creative sports debate; but too many personal things get brought into the mix and it doesn't even feel like it's a sports debate anymore. When I visit MHR as of late, it feels as if it's a fanbase comprised 90% of cranky four-year-olds who missed their afternoon nap.

Anyways... I suppose this is a bit of a rant, but I eventually wanted to get to the point that: is Manning vs. Tebow really worth fighting over and throwing around harsh words just to fire-for-effect? I don't think so. Manning has pro's and con's, Tebow has pro's and con's... only time will tell which choice was the right one... and we might be able to reap the benefits of a coexistence of both players for the NOW and the FUTURE.

It just doesn't make sense why there is so much anger and hatred. If you're pissed about the organization's decisions, then write to Elway or Bowlen, stop buying merchandise or tickets. Actually direct your frustration at it's source. Don't flame your hate on the Joe-shmoe who post's an on-the-spot idea or opinion about a pro or con of either QB (or ANYTHING Broncos for that matter). It's fricking ridiculous - pardon my Navy - when I see some of you trashing each other over some of this stuff. Honestly, what is the point anymore? I got enough flame during my last year here that I keep my opinions and my Broncos thoughts, predictions, and wishes between myself and a couple other friends these days. Which is a bummer because I greatly enjoy writing, and getting feedback to continue driving, molding, and shaping my own thoughts on this or that.

I wish I could find a place like 2008 MHR where a man (or woman) could conveniently post their thoughts and opinions of the Orange and Blue and have an intelligent, friendly debate/conversation. A place like that currently doesn't exist... but I keep checking back in here from time to time... hoping it will exist once more.

I love and appreciate many of the contributors and readers here, but unfortunately I don't have the time (or patience) these days to sift through the trash to find treasure. MHR used to be a fine jewelry bazaar, now it's a gold mine; not only do you have to dig up your own gold, you've usually got to shape and work it a little before it resembles something worth admiring. Again, that is not directed to EVERYONE. There are still some great insights here, it's just a pity they are so hard to find.

Best of luck to the Broncos this off-season. I'm excited for Manning-watch, excited for improving our team in FA, and excited for the upcoming draft. Last but not least, GO BRONCOS, and GO TIM TEBOW.

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