I'm Sorry for Letting This Confusing Time Get to Me!

Hello MHR.... you guys and gals have no idea how good it feels to be able to post again on this top notch site. I was banned for a few days (and deservedly so) for letting my emotions get the best of me. You live and learn, and my banishment was just what the Dr. ordered to allow my head space to clear from the constantly shifting sands that we call the Broncos. I have wrapped this Manning/Tebow deal around my head.... over... and over... and over. I've came to the conclusion that John Elway is in this damn thing to win it all.

Follow me after the jump to see what's going on in the mind of Jeremy (PaleHorse).

Peyton Manning? Tim Tebow? Good Lord where do I stand? Tim Tebow, against all odds, did some of the most magical stuff I've seen on a football field since the Duke himself. I think Tim... even though he'll never be a Brees quality passer.... could be what Mike Vick and Vince Young only dream of being.... + MUCH more power! He is a playmaker.... a humble kid who puts others first.... and the consumate teammate. But somehow... yesterday... I started thinking to myself, "oh no... what if the Dolphins sign Manning out from under us." I couldn't even believe I was thinking it, but I really was.

I've even accused Elway of being jealous... not wanting Denver to be big enough for tha two of em... seeee? That is not the case, no matter how mad we are that Tebow is being treated like an old dust mop. John Elway has been in the business of winning for many moons now.... whether that be in his business endeavors or football. If he feels like Payton Manning (ONE OF the greatest ever.... not THE greatest) is back to his old self.... who am I to argue? Peyton Manning at 75% is one of the most badass passers the league has ever seen. KC knows this... Miami... Tenn. Manning is not an enigma.

If I have my way, Manning will go elsewhere while the Tebow experiment lives on (till next year???). The cap money will be allocated to positions we desperately need help in (DT, TE, WR, RB, everything other than starting QB). But I will also say this.... no one.... not even the most staunch Tebow supporters who also double as full time Bronco fans, will get mad when Manning is slinging TD's with ease on our way to a 13-3 record and the playoffs. Just think about that for a second. You couldn't get mad then... if you love the Broncos.

Before the neck surgeries, a buddy and I would always talk about Manning, saying, "it wouldn't shock me if that dude played till he was 45." It's not like we're talking about Drew Bledsoe here.... it is Peyton. He is different. If Kurt Warner can play that long.... who's to say Manning can't do it longer / better.

Bottom line... I love the Broncos. I want to see more Tebow magic continue, but if it doesn't, I'll route for his new team (but less than MY team). Who knows.... maybe the grand scheme is to bring Manning in now, and let young Timmy learn? The talking heads aren't psychic.... they don't know all.

In closing, I want to apologize for my harsh words to Kaptain Kirk the other day in the "post that shall not be named." I was out of line, out of character, and I'm truly sorry. It won't happen again. I think the true root of all this emotion has less to do with Tebow than we think. We are just tired of seeing something built... only to scrap it the very next season and start over. I don't want to see my Broncos become the Colts West.... but if it wins games faster/better than Tebow's Broncs... I'll get over it quick. PEACE OUT!!!!

On a quick note... do any of you guys/gals really expect another team to win the Manning sweepstakes? Just curious. Mario Williams to Buffalo makes me wanna vomit.

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