Build Us An Offense With The Goal Of Adding 7 Points Per game..

To all my MHR peeps out there still stuck in limbo land - those that want Manning, and those that don't: Let's play a game, shall we? Let's put down our swords for just a moment and pretend for a minute that we all want to win now.

We want to win. Now.

Let's admit to ourselves that it's the goal of the Broncos Front Office to win right MF now. And in 2013. And in 2016.

Now build me an offense to accomplish that goal...

  • You can add a RB to the stable, and one or two is certainly necessary in my mind. But does that improve our 1st ranked rushing attack?
  • You can add new offensive linemen. It won't improve our running game much, but do you think it'll improve the passing game under Tebow? Perhaps.
  • You can add Brandon Lloyd if you think the problem last year was dropped balls. It'll help some, but also realize for a moment that if our receivers dropped 10% less balls than the best receiving team in the league... we'd still be right along side Jacksonville with the worst completion rate and least passing yards in the league. And don't forget, star receiver Brandon Lloyd was already in town for the better of those statistics.
  • You can add John Carlson as an outlet for Tebow, and I'll bet it would help some. But how much?
  • In fact, let's go ahead upgrade all that. Add Brandon Lloyd (WR), Jared Gaither (OT), John Carlson (TE) and Michael Bush (RB) to the offense. Pick a center and add a new guard, too. Happy with that offseason?

Is our running game going to be improved now? No. Certainly not a noticeable difference. It was already #1, but you've probably improved our short-yardage runs. Will our passing game be improved? Maybe a little, but were the receivers or the linemen ever the problem? Does bringing back a $10M/yr receiver really make our passing so much better? Realistically, how much any of these improvements make our offense has nothing to do with these improvements themselves. If Tim Tebow turns that corner, we'll have improved with all these additions. If not, we haven't. Simple as that. So are you ready to use hope as a plan?

Quite frankly, no matter how much money you spend on the offense this offseason, your only major improvement is going to come from the passing game, and more specifically, the passer. So we are in position to either use hope as a plan, or we can add a veteran QB to ensure that plan. What's your choice if you're the shot caller in Dove Valley?

Look, those additions listed above would cost nearly three times as much as Peyton Manning would cost, but would lend less than half the improvement, IMO. And let's get something straight, Peyton Manning to Denver does not absolutely mean that Tim Tebow can't stay and be groomed. It's possible and perhaps slightly likely that Tim gets immediately moved, but that's an argument for another day. And it's certainly not a lock. For the record, however, I assure you, I am 100% behind Tim Tebow staying to be groomed under Peyton. Also, don't let the point be lost on you that Peyton excels at the two things Tim needs the most work on: reading defenses and his anticipation.

By adding Peyton Manning, all you're doing is working to win now while also grooming and drafting for the future. Let's stop with the doom and gloom claims that Peyton wrecks our future. He doesn't. Stop listening to people tell you he'll cost $25M per year. He won't. Don't believe the crazies that say Manning won't groom a new guy. He's a heck of a coach already - you know this. Don't listen when folks try to sell you the idea that he wouldn't want to put up with Tebowmania. Peyton don't care. In his mind, he's still Peyton MF Manning. When he starts winning, Tebowites will stop calling for Tebow. He knows this.

Peyton Manning to this offense improves our offense twice as much for less than half the money as those offensive upgrades above. It leaves room to add other pieces on defense and a couple upgrades on offense, too.

So nice and cordial like, If you're building an offense for this team, tell me how you add 7 points per game with a $30M budget left to spend. You're not allowed to use hope as a plan, so you can't count on immediate and drastic overnight hero-status from Tebow - improvement, yes.. 300 yards per game all the sudden, no.

For me, I simply can't see our offense improving drastically until Tim Tebow improves drastically, which I think he will - but if I want to win now, I need to add a veteran QB now. Tim will not add seven points per game to the score board in one offseason even with Brandon Lloyd and all the other free agents listed. Peyton Manning, however, now he's got a very good chance at doing just that. Maybe more.

Just to be clear, I own a Tim Tebow jersey and he's been the screen saver on my phone since he was drafted. I'm not aginst him. I simply see Petyon Manning as the best way to immediately improve our offense. And I for one do want to win now.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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