Elway Needed Help

Was Elway really THAT good? I'm a Colorado native, born and raised on Broncos football, and Elway has been a big part of that tradition. But is Elway REALLY that good?

We keep acting like we need to find the next John Elway in order to win a Super Bowl, when we should be more concerned with finding the next Super Bowl winning TEAM. Yes, Elway was a large part of the reason we won, but let me give you 17 additional reasons as to WHY we actually won our first Super Bowl in 1998:

Terrell Davis - ProBowler
Shannon Sharpe - ProBowler (Hall of fame)
Steve Atwater - ProBowler
Rod Smith - ProBowler
Trevor Price - ProBowler
Ed McCaffrey - ProBowler
Byron Chamberlain - ProBowler
Jason Elam - ProBowler
John Mobley - 1st Team All Pro
Bill Romanowski - ProBowler
Neil Smith - ProBowler
Alfred Williams - ProBowler
Tom Rouen - 2nd Team All Pro
Tom Nalen - ProBowler
Mark Schlereth - ProBowler
Dwayne Carswell - ProBowler
Tony Jones - ProBowler

6 Defensive
2 Special Teams
9 Offensive

Yes Elway is one of the all time greats, and he deserves our praise for what he did for the Broncos. But let's not make the guy out to be some sort of demi-god; he was human and he needed help, LOTS OF HELP to win a Super Bowl. And I'm sure some of you forgot, but even the great John Elway had FOUR SEASONS where he threw more interceptions than touch downs. Read that again, FOUR seasons! Even Elway wasn't perfect, so why are we so quick to abandon Tim Tebow?

All this talk about bailing on Tim Tebow to try and ride the Peyton Manning train has me a bit befuddled. Even the great Peyton Manning, just like John Elway, is going to need a lot of help to get this current Broncos team to the Super Bowl. Does he improve our current chances, yes, but not our long term chances. Tebow isn't Elway, but neither is Peyton Manning, they're all three different and special in their own way. But this much is true, if we're going to win another Super Bowl - we need a lot more help than just a Peyton Manning can bring to the table.

Here's my hope: Support Tebow and use all the cap space we have to bring in Free Agents to support our CURRENT QB. Peyton Manning will not instantly make this team a SB contender without some serious help, and if you were going to give Manning that support with players like Reggie Wayne or Dallas Clark, why not give Tebow the same firepower? Manning is NOW, but Tebow is our FUTURE - and usually planning for NOW doesn't work out so well (Ask the Jets how Favre worked out, or the Raiders how Palmer worked out - steady wins the race). Just an FYI, no Super Bowl winning QB has ever changed teams and won it again - not even the great Joe Montana or Johnny Unitas.

I hope Elway knows what he's doing here, I know I won't soon forget what Tim Tebow was able to accomplish with the 2011 Broncos, now imagine if Tebow get's to play with talent like Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark!


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