Denver can win 5 Super Bowls in 12 years if they keep Tebow AND add Peyton!

Denver can win 5 Super Bowls in the next 12 years and finally win post-Elway. But it won't happen if they trade Tebow...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE-be smart about this Mr. Elway. I've been a Denver fan pushing 3 decades now and know well enough what makes Denver tick. And it's exciting football when done well. We had our greatest season in a decade last year and its clear Denver is looking to improve on that run last year. While the talk of the town is all Peyton, let's not forget how great Tebow was last year, or rather how awful Elway was in his early years.

Thus, in a modern game of football, despite Tebow's awkward style and approach, he is still one of the premiere athletes in the NFL today. He's not worth trading, but well worth keeping. Why in hell place a franchise tag on a kicker? Tebow's heroics should have earned him that honor after two exciting years of football in Dome Valley.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE-Mr, Elway, understand how exciting your 4th QTR comebacks were compared to Tebow's come from behind. Throw out all your mechanical issues and just play football. Isn't that what they taught you too? Well, Mr. Tebow has it too. He's the "eye of tiger". He's got the drive and will to learn. And I bet, just bet he's humble enough to sit under Peyton.

Just think... the AFC is weak at QB. And getting weaker. While the past decade has been filled with runs by Brady, Big Ben and Peyton making up for 9 of the last 12 Super Bowls in the AFC, it is clear that there is room for another king to emerge. MR. TEBOW!!

Great, if Denver can get Peyton, they can ease their worry about Peyton killing them. Or simply, let him go to ARIZONA. Denver can always beat the Jets, they can beat Pitt and Big Ben (they proved that). They've had good success with Brady overall, despite last years flunk. Thus, over the next 12 years, we know Peyton, Big Ben and Brady will be long gone... So who you gonna call to run the AFC table the next decade- Tim TEBOW I tell you.

Let's face it. The NFC is stacked at QB with stars like Aaron Rogers, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Tony Romo, Micheal Vick, Cam Newton, Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, Matthew Stafford, Christian Ponder, Sam Bradford,

No short term solution is worth the dynasty. If Denver wants to become that dynasty, then they must keep Tebow. With Peyton under center, Denver can squeeze a ring out of Manning and groom Tebow for a hell run terror of the AFC over the coming decade when Brady and Peyton no longer run the tables.

SO PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE-Mr. ELWAY, if Denver's future is your greatest aim, then don't let hall of famer like Mr. Tebow out of your sight. Enough taking steps backward and getting rid of our stars (Cutler, Marshall, Scheffler). And what did we get for them?? A bunch of crappy wasted picks on over-rated defensive backs no longer on the team.

LET"S KEEP OUR STARS and BUILD upon those STARS starting with MR. TEBOW a franchise player lead by Mr. Peyton's guidance.

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