Really? 2 days and no FA's

I have sat by patiently waiting on the news of whether or not Manning is going to be coming to our beloved Broncos. I have sat back and hoped that regardless of this plan, we had some of the top free agents in other areas that we needed to be targeting and going after strong. My analysis (who gives a crap what I think but I a going to give it anyway) is that we need some additional help on the front line of our D as well as linebacker (MLB) and now maybe another WIL with DJ's troubles and a CB. An upgrade at left guard on the offense and decent but not bank breaking running back. OH and another receiver that has a different set of skills that we do not have. (WR broke the bank yesterday and today so can forgive that one.)

WE also have a few on our own team we should HAVE locked up already. Colquit, Bunkley, Larsen and some more that are not coming to mind right now.

Why are we not at least playing for a couple. I hear we are after the big guy in Miami ( I can not spell his name so I wont try let alone say it) But, if we really wanted him, why is he not signed.

Do we need to be TB No they may have just become the Eagles of last year but damn guys. I am getting really concerned we are putting all out eggs into one basket. We need some top notch players now to move forward with or without Manning. Especially without as he can hide some serious holes in your team (just look at his old teams record this year).

Am I too nervous and a worry wart or are some of you feeling this anxiety for or team too. Get us a CB that will improve on Goodman (shouldn't be too hard) Get a MLB who can play more than just goal line situations. (Or explain that we have him and shouldn't be too concerned i.e. Irving).

Oh by the way, other than Royal, non or our guys have been targeted year which shows we DO need upgrade in talent throughout this team. We are going to have to come up with a diamond in the rough like McGhee last year and to be honest, I think we got lucky. So glad he still has some left in the tank.

Am I wrong, if so how?



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