Peyton is One of Us!

As my illustrious fellow Broncos fans know, religion is important to me, of course, during the average NFL season (no gosh-danged lockout this offseason for which I'm grateful), the lines between Bronco mania and Mormonism become quite blurred for me.

With that said, one scriptural thought I like is "by their fruits you shall know them" and Peyton, if healthy, and I believe he is, makes us remarkable on the football field and he will help in the community.

One of the things I'm most proud of in my life is an instructor I had at Southern Utah University, Jon M. Smith, this is him, taught Peyton in communication, my major as well, at UT-Knoxville.

My top 3 quarterbacks of all time, based on my own lifetime, are Elway, Marino and Peyton, so to have had 2 of the 3 in orange and blue is remarkable.

With comparable pathos, I extend sincere gratitude to Tim Tebow, the man is class, and much better than Triple-chin Custer (that's for you McGeorge) could ever hope to be.

He forever holds a special place for me in Broncos annals. Nevertheless, as colleague Sayre Bedinger tweeted, the Broncos would be foolish not to upgrade Tebow if Peyton became available and naturally, he did, so we are doing what it takes to win.

Also, for the umpteenth time, I express gratitude to Mr. Bowlen, being willing to do whatever it takes within the rules (unlike the Patriots) to win and as a fan of the Broncos in the NFL and the Mavericks in the NBA, I'm lucky that Bowlen and Mark Cuban care so much about the respective fanbases to pay the price for victory.

Of course, we must draft well and continue to develop our defense, but we've got the cap room and perhaps now some free agents are desirous to take paycuts so they can play with the masterful Manning.

A shoutout to Archie and Olivia, great parents who raised 3 solid sons, two of which have made a solid impact on the NFL within our generation.

Now, let us do a solid job and give Mr. Bowlen another Lombardi to hold: THIS ONE'S For Peyton!

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