Why must Tim Tebow leave?

I know what the sources and experts are saying -- that this is a done deal. Tim Tebow is on his way out. I'm not saying I doubt them. What I don't understand and haven't gotten a solid answer as to yet is why he must leave.

Like or dislike Tim Tebow (and he does have the super power of polarity!), Tebow's physical ability and will to win is impressive. Personally, I went from a curious skeptic to a major believer who put a fathead of #15 Tebowing on my son's wall for Christmas with a tear in my eye. I've pointed to Tim Tebow as a champion for my son and used him as a role model in encouraging my son to do brave things like give up his sippy cup that he used to need to go to sleep. Tim Tebow doesn't have a sippy cup. Something in my son's eyes, looking at big #15 on the wall, registered.

Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited the Broncos signed Manning. I think he's a once in a generation player that teams almost never get this kind of opportunity with. I truly believe he's going to bring a greatness to this team we, as fans, haven't seen since Elway. But that doesn't mean I want to see Tebow gone. And I don't understand why it even makes sense at this point.

The Broncos have paid Tebow the bulk of what his contract guarantees, by my understanding. He doesn't have leverage, nor have I seen or heard anything that indicates he'd want to go (outside of the suggestion by some that he "really wants to be a starter" -- well, duh). He also seems to be smart enough to understand Peyton's not going to play forever and he could learn by watching (please -- do me a favor and keep the Sorgi/Painter references off here. I'm not talking about Manning mentoring -- I'm talking about Tim learning by observation).

Also, the possibility of using Tebow in a non-traditional role is fascinating (anyone remember Aaron Hernandez as a running back when the Broncos got crushed?). Tebow is that plus one because what he lacks in speed, he more than adds value with his ability to read/option and throw the ball. This is backed up by former Indy GM and man who drafted Manning, Bill Polian in this podcast. Just listen and tell me he doesn't make some sense -- the kind of sense that makes you all excited thinking about the two-headed monster of Tebow and Manning.

The only possible detraction I see is the over-the-top Tebow fans who feel Tebow has been mistreated to the point that he needs to be traded or that, somehow, he should start over Manning if he stayed. I think that problem is handled on the field. Imagine a game where Peyton does his thing - 22-30, 320 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT and Tebow is on the field for say five snaps, runs four times for 25 yards, 1 TD and throws once for another score. Why isn't that possible? If you have solid reasons, beyond "because it won't", "[others] say it won't" or "Tebow really wants to be a starter" please enlighten me.

Tim, again, by my outsider's viewpoint only, doesn't seem to be the problem here. The Broncos front office, to me, frankly doesn't seem to be the problem here either. If there's one thing I think they've shown it's a pretty good handle on market value. I don't see them dumping Tebow just because or out of spite or because they're scared. They're not any of those things and they're not stupid. Tim Tebow has value - plain and simple. It's sometimes hard to quantify, but it's real and only a fool would let that go for nothing.

Now if a market can be created between, for example, Jacksonville and Miami, driving up the price on Tebow -- then that's something EFX should entertain in the best interest of the team. Again, my preference is Tebow stays, plays in special packages and develops into the QB many of us here believe he can be. At the same time, I try to understand this team from a business standpoint too, realizing what a dramatic effect that side of things has on the field.

EFX has clearly done something important here and they deserve the respect of landing Manning ahead of a hungry field; whether or not you agree with the move, it was impressive and shows serious front office skill. How they handle this next phase, however, may be just as important. A misstep with the treatment of Tebow (a.k.a. dumping him for less than [perceived or otherwise] market value -- and have fun determining what that should be), could hurt EFX's credibility longterm -- not just with fans but other free agents. Play their hand right, however, and these Broncos could be set up not just for the short term, but a sweet longterm return.

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