Get over it... Why this is exactly what needed to happen...

Oh boy, what a fun time to be a citizen in Broncos Country. We just went from AFC West pretenders (arguably) to NFL contenders in a single day.

To the Peyton Manning purists... After the last couple years of sharing the Broncos banner with some fans that started to bleed orange and blue simply because of our QB, I can only expect that there will be some Manning fans jumping on the bandwagon. Let me be one of the first to say, welcome aboard!

To the Tim Tebow purists... I have been a Broncos fan since before Tebow was even playing football, and I would say that this last season was more exciting and strangely more rewarding for me than 1997-98. We had the privilege of witnessing first hand this amazingly unlikely and unforgettable season. I had some real hope for Tim's future with the Broncos, and I was looking forward to Tebow getting a full off-season to work with his team as a starting QB. And for the record, if I could have it my way, we would keep Tebow in the wings as a backup to learn and grow behind one of the greatest to ever play the position.

However, if you are purely a Tim Tebow fan, you shouldn't want this at all. In my opinion, Tebow has shown flashes of being one of the most dynamic threats in the NFL and certainly worthy of a shot at being a starter for a team who will actually buy in to his style and sell out to surround him with some players and an offensive coordinator that will maximize his success. I'm sure Tim will move on to a team that will make this happen, and I have no doubt that he will revolutionize the way the NFL QB position is seen. I'm sorry to say, but it was pretty apparent that EFX are not the guys that were going to make this happen, period.

To the Broncos purists... This is a bittersweet day for us. To be honest, I don't agree with what the front office is doing. We should definitely keep Tebow as a backup and let him learn, but I have come to the realization that the Broncos' brass will not buy into #15 and the potential he has, period. We all need to come to this realization, and just move on. I have no problem telling you that I will actually be rooting for another team in addition to the Broncos this season, i.e. wherever Timmay ends up.

Now, I want you to take a second to reflect about just how awesome our running game and defense was last year given the circumstances they were dealing with. To address the running game first, think about how effectively we were able to pound the rock in spite of our incredible one dimensionality. Imagine just how effective it can be without 8 in the box. Imagine the points we will put up with a more balanced attack. Imagine being able to seamlessly run a no huddle offense at the snap of a finger. We will run teams into the ground, period... Addressing the defense, every NFL fan knows that they were probably the most significant factor in our success last year. You thought they were aggressive last year? Now imagine this defense actually being able to really pin their ears back when they are playing with a lead. Plus when you take into account that our special teams units are among the best in the NFL, you probably come to the same conclusion as me - that we have the potential to be one of the best complimentary football teams in the League. Imagine what it will be like to have that Mile High home field advantage back...

Imagine what this move means for guys like Champ Bailey, Brian Dawkins, or Willis McGahee. I am happy for everyone on the team, including Tebow just for the simple fact that he will be able to move to a team that will indubitably be behind him, but I am most happy about this move because of these 3 guys alone. Our team just went from being some national interest circus show to a contender with a REAL shot at the Super Bowl. Champ Bailey deserves this shot. Brian Dawkins deserves this shot. Willis McGahee deserves this shot.

Furthermore, I believe that all of these aforementioned talking points are moot compared to the significance of going back to the Orange Crush jerseys. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the last time we made a significant uniform change we won the Super Bowl. So yea, what more do we really need?

The future is bright comrades!

Broncos Country!

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