Yeah, EFX had good motives all along

Every time I think this whole thing can't get worse for Tim Tebow, it does. Get a load of this.

Will trading Tim Tebow be easy? ESPN

OK, the good news. If Adam Schefter is right, and I personally have found him to be a reliable, careful guy, three teams have expressed interest in Tebow: Jacksonville, Miami and New England, so far. Any of those three would be better than say, Cleveland. Sorry, Dawg Pound.

But note what the alternative is, if EFX can't come to terms with any of those teams. According to Chris Mortensen, Tebow would be released. How is that for an unbelievably ungrateful and outrageous kick in the teeth? That's the thanks a guy who made a dead team into winners, took them to the playoffs and won in the playoffs gets from EFX? To be tossed out like trash if they don't get whatever draft pick they're looking for? And don't start on Mortensen being a douche who gets it wrong. I know he's a douche. Yet I can't imagine why he'd report such a thing out of nowhere. After all, EFX ought to want to make sure that the word is that potential trade partners had better come up with something reasonably worth their while for Tebow. But evidently not.

So. To all those who have tried to grasp at straws in the face of the overwhelming evidence of just how much EFX has royally screwed Tim Tebow over from Day One and just how much disdain they clearly have for him as a QB, as a football player and as a person, I really would like to know: how do you explain this? If they can't find a trade partner, the kid who put this team back on the football map and went 8-5, including the 7-1 winning streak, the same one who led the team to four overtime victories and a playoff win against the defending AFC Champions and #1 defense is out of the NFL. Oh, yeah, technically he'll just be "unsigned," but let's not kid ourselves. He's out until he can convince some team to take him on.

It's un-freaking-believable. Oh, but I guess we unfortunate Tebow fans should be "grateful" that the article also goes on to say that apparently the great John Elway is so eager to wash his hands of Tim that he may not even sweat getting a mid-round pick for him.

Gee, thanks, buddy. Guess that's our silver lining.


But you know, what goes around comes around. Treat people like dirt and it'll come right back to you.

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