A Cool-aid Drinker's 2012 Story (and 5 year plan + more)

What's up Broncos Country! It's been forever since I have posted on here, but I thought this idea I have would be fun to share with all of you.

First off, welcome to Denver, Peyton Manning! I am kinda scared that you are 36 with a neck history, but EFX was drooling over the thought of you taking this team to the next level, the Superbowl! Let the fun begin!!!

On a side note: I have been a fan of Tebow's since he was at Flordia. He was my favorite college player. And it was awesome that he was drafted by my lifelong team, the Denver Broncos! Your run here will NEVER be forgotten. The 2011 season will be special to all of us. We thank you for what you have done, and I hope you end up in a place where the management completely supports you 100%. Because you deserve it.

But let's get on to the fun stuff...this upcoming season!

The Broncos are all-in for the near future, and this really excites me! DT and Decker can elevate their game to an elite-duo threat. This will open of the Denver running game, which will be headed by McGahee and a solid draft pick (hopefully). I bet Doom and Von are drooling at the thought of being able to rush the passer more and hit guys like Phyllis, Palmer, Cassel, Flacco, and the most hated QB ever - Tom Brady. This season should be an exciting one!

Which brings me to my cool-aid drinkers perfect conclusion to the season. We end up going 16-0 and end up getting a first round bye. Ravens advance out of the wild card round to face us and home, and we finally dominate the team we can never seem to ever beat! Then the AFC Championship game. WIth all the new weapons and recievers, New England again makes another deep playoff run. But this time, Von Miller and the Orange Crush defense get their revenge by punishing Brady, because he is dropping back every time to catch up to the Broncos lead. Manning perfectly disects the awful New England secondary by the likes of Thomas, Decker, Willis, and some random guy that we pick up late in the draft (and Manning makes him awesome). Champ picks off Brady in the end-zone, but this time takes it back for the game-icing score. Dawkins and Champ celebrate - they have reached the Superbowl.

Who will be the Superbowl rep from the NFC you ask?

None other than the dark side of the force...Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.

With the Dark-Duo back together, and with their very strong defense, the Bears finally emerge in the NFC as a legitimate intimidating force. They gnaw their way through the NFC North and the playoffs, defeating Green Bay and New Orleans to have a chance for the ring.

Denver Traitors vs. the 53 who stuck loyal to Broncos Country.

The game starts out with Chicago coming strong out of the gate. Cutler and Marshall connect on a few big plays, while Manning and the offense still try to get it in gear. The Bears hold a 14-3 lead at halftime. However, the Broncos do not back down. VonDoom and co., come out of the half obliterating the Chicago o-line, and Jay Cutler starts to wet his pants. In the fourth quater, after a Champ Bailey interception (which is off of a Jay Cutler throw that was off his back foot), Manning drives Denver down the field, connecting with Decker on a TD to close the lead to 20-17 Bears.

Cutler and the Bears get the ball back with about 7 minutes remaining. They make a decent drive before a beautiful punt put Denver in at their own 2 yard line with 4 minutes left. This does not scare the fierce Broncos arial attack. Manning turns on the jets, devouring the Chicago secondary. Passes to DT, Decker, that random guy Manning makes awesome, and a dark horse threat - Julius Thomas. The drive concludes with Manning shaking off Julius Peppers, stepping up, and throwing a dart to DT in the left corner of the endzone to put Denver up 24-17!!

Now Cutler must respond with only about 30 seconds left of the clock.

Prater kicks a touchback, so Cutler drops back and then is destroyed by Vondoom and Ayers on 3 straight plays! As time expires, and as Jay Cutler puts on a new diaper and starts crying, everyone runs and to the field and celebrates!!! Bailey! And Dawkins! And Manning! And Fox! And Elway! And yep - backup QB Tim Tebow!

The Broncos end up repeating the next year, finishing a second straight perfect season! Manning retires as a Bronco in glorious fashion. Then, the highly-trained and refined Tim Tebow takes the reigns and leads the Broncos to a couple of his own Superbowls. And then we will happily ever after. THE END.

And I almost forgot. The Faiders finish at the bottom of the division ever season. Palmer ends up being cut and Pyror gets his shot, but then, in typical Raider fashion, ends up not fulfilling the enormous contract extension he was given right as he replaced Palmer. Al Davis lives on!

GO BRONCOS!!!!!!!!!

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