It's not just a Freaking Business, ok?

This is a rant. I’m sorry. I’m happy to have Manning – who wouldn’t. We are now an instant contender.

But throughout the day I’ve seen all posts, primarily from folk crawling out of the woodwork, with all of these ‘holier than thou’ (ironic given we’re discussing Tebow) posts. Most of these folk would have been happier with a Cheerleader than Tebow, win or lose, and are now using Manning as an excuse to jump back on the bandwagon. You see them everywhere, all this fake ‘maturity’. I’m sure some people genuinely mean it, but for many, it’s just a cliché folk are throwing out to hide their distaste for Tebow, for whatever reason.

It’s like watching 23-year old “Consultants” come in and try to tell 20-year veterans how to do their own job better, using a flurry of diagrams and buzzwords with no real substance. Mainstream media anyone? The statements typically boil down to the following.

“Get over it, it’s done”

“Football is just a business”

Let’s go through these:-

“Get over it, it’s done”

Sorry, I might be happy to get Manning, and I will cheer for the Broncos louder than most, (I’m open to competition, I have a very very loud voice) on opening game day but right now….

… I don’t feel like ‘getting over’ the emotion I felt along with 75,000 others at the Steelers game.

I don’t feel like getting over watching a guy defy all the ‘talking heads’ every week, during that seven week stretch, get kicked to the kurb.

I don’t feel like getting over the fact we are ditching a QB who was actually a role model, when there are so many players today who are about as far from a role model as you’d want, including those who held dogs underwater or drunkenly slothed over females. Ditching a QB who - as much as admittedly it drove me nuts – who chose to wear their beliefs on their sleeve. Who was pressured at every single interview and media appearance to show signs of anger or frustration, and instead chose to steer the conversation to some terminally ill child or soldiers he was visiting.

I don’t feel like getting over the fact that I truly think that Tebow may have been ok to sit behind Manning – he started behind Orton after all this season – if the FO, Elway in particular, could pull their heads out of their a**es enough to make a simple statement like “We see great potential in Tim, and feel we now have the best in the business to learn from” and show some true support. Tebow may have still chosen to leave, that would have been prerogative. But we didn’t have to shove him out.

I don’t feel like getting over a guy who made the rest of the team stand taller, who make players like Champ make statements like (Courtesy your sig, Boydy –“ Tebow is a special player. I have never seen a player quite like him in my whole career! I’m gonna play all out for the guy! I know he will be out there giving 110% every play every week, so I’m gonna give 120%!:”

I don’t feel like getting over a QB who was held to ridiculous standards by a rabid fanbase, obsessed media, and ADHD FO in his very first season, folk who still feel the need to compare his first games not to their own (cough, Elway?) but to some artificial levels that are simply not realistic, and still came out with his team in the playoffs and head held high. Will we ever know what a full off-season would have provided?

So please don’t do the patronizing ‘get over it’. The reason it’s difficult to get over for some of us, was that we were loyal fans supporting a QB who gave us *everything* in the face of adversity, who *did* cry over spilt milk, who played his heart out for the Broncos. If you don’t feel anything for someone who gave that much to the team you supposedly love, then go back to your video game and take those ADHD pills. This guy was a Bronco, and your hate has no place here.

“Football is just a business”

I’m sorry again. Unless you are gainfully employed in a way somehow connected to the NFL, I’m sorry, that statement is just another cliché meant to make people feel better about decisions they don’t agree with. And even if you are getting paid by the NFL, Tebow was great for business.

But I’m taking that statement to the extreme, I know. Let’s take is as how it’s meant.

“Football is a business, where people make cold hard decisios to improve success and in turn profitability”.

Hmmm… that still doesn’t sound right. You know why? Because football is not just a freaking business.

Do you get up and scream at your business?

Do you play ‘fantasy business’ – at your business?

Do you drink at your business?

Do you spend valuable time you could be sharing with your family, going to a game with buddies, or a bar, or in front of the TV, for you business?

Do you pay for your own jersey – with numbers and names on the back – at your business?

Do you drink - more than a couple – at your business? Tailgate even? (If you do, I’m very happy for you)

Do you any of the above – unpaid? Of course not. So get off the high horse, football is not just a business. It’s entertainment, that we all invest in at different emotional and financial levels. Our passion and support *make* it a business to those others. And those deserve our respect. It's not often that a player, coach, or FO who truly disrespects the fan lasts a long time in this 'business'. Just ask McDaniels.

“The haters”

I feel sorry for those of you who really hated Tebow, or were cynical toward him, someone who didn’t have a cynical bone in his body. It must have really sucked for you to watch the Steelers game. For the rest of us – it was something special. I won’t forget it.

And yes, it’s possible to be both happy and excited for Manning, and yet sad and disappointed in what has happened to Tebow. It’s called “not being an extremist”. Those of us who feel that way are not all “Tebowites” – although I know it makes you feel better to call us that. It’s this sort of mindless labeling that has made any sort of reasonable discussion on politics completely futile. If you just ‘tend to believe” point ABC, then you must be a raving loony XYX from the 123 party. Sigh. Hey, just because we like Tebow, doesn’t mean we think he is better than Manning, ok?

Most of us folk who express concern at a 36-year old with 4 neck surgeries at 95 million dollars think he is *still* way better than Tebow. Of course he is - every rational human knows Manning is the best *right now* choice, we’re just a little nervous about *what’s next*. And at that same time, we’re disappointed that a QB who – I won’t bore you all again with the records he set last season – with little internal support, no off-season, no faith in his ability, took us to the playoffs, is being booted to the kerb quicker than a Kyle Orton.

“The FO”

I know the FO are all slapping themselves on the back right now, but Manning made his decision like someone buying a house. You look it over, you do your research, and you buy it. The realtor? As long as they don’t screw the deal up, they are making gravy. Elway was freaking realtor in this deal. Nothing more. Tennessee had the leaky roof, the 49ers had bad neighbors. The Broncos were it. I am probably going over the top a little in my Elway disrespect. But sorry, the guy showed zero class to a guy who gave it his all. You don’t have to coach little league to understand the downstream impact of that type of attitude.

In the end, we’ll all come to grips with it. I can even feel relaxation at the thought of not having to go through the draft, and training camp, not knowing who our QB truly is, or with every bad Tebow game (yes, I’m happy to admit I’m sure there would be some), calls for his head. There’ll be less arguing, less passionate debate, less hanging on every single play. It’s a good thing.


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