Offense Skill Positions Free Agent Review

Ok time to look at the Offense. Free Agents that the Broncos may have a chance at. I'm attempting to be realistic, and target FAs that Broncos are more likely to go after. I seen to many post that say go after Ray Rice, Mike Wallace or another unlikely big name. Here is how I see it:

I'm going to list a few names for each position and number of probability of acquiring them on a skill 1-10 that will show next to players name.


Jason Campbell (6): I think Campbell would like to stay in the AFC West to stick it to the Raiders. I think he is athletic enough to play in a adjusted role of the Broncos current offense if needed. However not sure he wants to come in and deal with Te bow mania or being a backup.

Chad Henne (7): Henne, showed some good games last year, and would serve as a reliable backup. I beleive he would be more content as a bench player, knowing he has a good chance to take over, baring Tebow getting hurt or failing.

Drew Stanton (8): Stanton showed he can be servicable at times when Stafford was injuried. He is also athelitic enough, to fell in , and follow McCoys game plan of run, run, run, run, play action, run, pass, run, run, etc.

Dennis Dixon (10) It looks like Pit is clearing house and I doubt they will make a run at him. If need be he could step in and run the offense exactly like Tebow, minus the praying, and leadership skills. Dixon, may be the best choice, as a quality backup, knowing he can play the system and wouldn't cost a fortune.

Who I want: Peyton Manning: Of course who doesn't want Peyton, he may be the only possible QB that would come in and put Tebow in place, any other FA trys to come in will most likely never be the starter. I would like to see Peyton give us a couple years, with Tebow still working. This most not be possible cause ESPN, never talks about it. JK


Tim Hightower (6): Hightower at times should he can be a really good back. Im not sure he wants to go back to Washington, and play RB shuffle with Shanahan. He would be a decent pick up, to add to the rotation with McGahee, and our draft pick.

Ryan Grant (6): Grant still has some gas in the tank, and in Denver he would get burn it. I think this is very plausible, but not my favorite selection.

Peyton Hillis (7): Hillis is not going to be tagged by the Browns, and after a Madden Curse year may not draw as much attention/money as he wants. He was a fan favorite in Denver before McD, and would easily be a top back in the league with Denvers system. Hillis is also a great receiver out of the backfield, which would be great for Tebow. Not really sure if he would come back to Denver but I think the fans would want him back, at the right price.

Michael Bush (7): With Oakland already using their franchise tag, Bush may be able to get his money else where. I think he would fit Denvers system really well. I don't think hes big big bucks, but good enough to give a decent sized contract to.

Who I want: Besides the obvious big names, Forte, Rice, Foster, I would really like to see Hillis back, to get over my McDaniel nightmares.


Pierre Garcon (4): I think Garcon wants out of IND, and he wants a big check. First Denver shouldn't give any WR a big check and second, not sure many WR want to play with Tebow. Only if we could get Manning. My bet is Garcon follows Manning wherever he goes.

Hines Ward (6): Ward says he has some left, and isn't done playing, he is a great physical blocker.

Who I want: My take is many WRs do not want to come to Denver. There are plenty of Journey Man WRs that may, but, I think the only decent WR I may want is Randy Moss. I know what most think, but I think Moss can still out run plenty of DBs. Actually who I really want is to find a way to Trade for Percy Harvin, maybe tag and trade Royal, DJ Williams, and a draft pick.


Fred Davis (4): Im pretty sure WAS will find a way to keep him, but if not we better over a pretty good deal.

Visanthe Shiancoe (6): A couple years ago with Favre he was doing really good, I think he would be a nice Veteran, if we lose both Fells and Rosario

Daniel Fells (8): We should really just resign Fells and look at the guys we drafted last year.

Who I want: Out of the remotely plausible FAs I would take Davis, but I would be satisfied with Fells, and our young bucks.

Offensive Line:

Really don't need many FAs here, Unless we can get a big time name like Carl Nicks (2). We need to really focus on getting some depth. I believe all the following names would be fairly easy pickups.

What I want: I really want to just sign some quality depth here. I Would even be satisfied if we played Ryan Harris at Tackle and moved Franklin to Guard.

If we went with the most probable picks here we would sign Dennis Dixon, Michael Bush, Hines Ward, resign Fells, and add depth across the Oline.

Not the best lineup but in my mind sounds really likely.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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