A Plea to Keep Tebow

I've been a Broncos fan for as long as I've known football. Through the super bowl wins and the years of mediocrity and losses to the Raiders that we were subject to as fans, I'm proud to say that I've stuck by my team through everything. Any move the Broncos have made has always been somewhat supported by me as I searched for the worth or possible improvement. There were trades or moves in the past that I've disagreed with including the Gaffney trade (Wtf Jeremy Jarmon?), the Alphonso Smith trade (Led the Lions in Int's) and the stiffing of Jake the Snake's beard, but none hit me as hard as this most recent acquisition of Peyton Manning, especially because the Broncos are making out like bandits! I'm one of the many who feel like Troy Hufford on Peyton's signing: "I told people on twitter that today feels like I won the lottery and had my dog die" Yes, I'm being sentimental and yes, it's not an opinion supported by a lot of the children on this site because of our shiny new toy, but I sincerely believe that we should keep Touchdown Timmy through our time with Manning.

I realize that the Broncos have an amazing new quarterback and made a hell of a deal. Contrary to popular belief that Tebow believers have a myopic view of the Timmy's talents, I know he's got a while to go. Peyton is the better quarterback on any given day (Yes, even in the 4th quarter). We realize that Tebow has to polish his game up, a lot. As a quarterback he's that idiot on Madden who runs the bootleg with Vick on every play. When he passes it's like duck hunt, only we have announcers mocking him instead of that damn dog. But in spite of those duck passes and those damn announcer dogs getting their laughs in, (Where' Mike Vick when you need em?) the Broncos won games. Same team as the one with Orton, but with a playoff run. Even if we fell across the finish line, we made it further than anyone thought we would.

Last season was the best Broncos Football we've seen in a long time. It was an amazing season that restored faith in the franchise and allowed the Broncos to be in position for Manning at the end. Does anyone remember the hail mary against the Chargers when Orton was pulled? Does anyone remember the hope the stadium felt, even after losing the game? Did we forget the win over the Jets when the NFL seemed to ask itself, "Is Denver on to something?" Call this past season a mistake, a fluke or a sick example of a player superseding the team in coverage, but it was a lot of fun. Being that ugly duckling, the dark bronco in the race and watching the looks on Raider fans faces as their team couldn't stop a read option was something that any Bronco fan should relish.


Sentiment and joking aside, here's an elevator pitch for keeping Tebow.

One: His salary isn't a burden. It's quite average for a backup quarterback anywhere. It's not like how we were saddled with Orton's contract. If the FO can negotiate with Tim and let him know that they intend to groom him for success, I believe Tim is patient enough to understand that philosophy and smart enough to realize that the demand for a starting QB of his skill set will not result in that much of a larger paycheck.

Two: There will be no QB competition with Manning on board, only a chance for Tim to really learn the game. Tebow fans from Arizona to New England have no doubt that Manning is the more skilled QB. Tebow will be a backup. Manning's contract has a neck provision in it, so there is still some uncertainty about his durability. Tim is a capable, encouraging character who will not sit and mope on the bench, it's just the person he is. He will learn to be a typical quarterback in a typical offense. He will learn the offense with hopefully the same coaching style that will be there if he earns a chance to start. The Broncos have had a different offense for every year Tim's been here. Stability will be key to his development along with the next point. Plus, Von Miller wants him here.

Three: Tebow will have a chance to learn SOMETHING from Manning. I've heard from cynics everywhere that Manning will do nothing to help Tebow. But consider this. As Roddy White says, he's gotta learn something. Also, critics will say "How much did Curtis Painter learn?" Understand that Manning is at the age where he realizes that he only has a few years left. If he truly cares for the organization who believed in him and gave him a shot, he will leave a legacy for the younger players and his teammates.

Four: Business Ethics.

Billy Madison - business ethics (via indianye)

I as well as a number of other readers on the site are somewhat dismayed at the handling of the whole Peyton situation by the front office. Yes, this is a business. Yes, we made the big deal. But the funny thing about business is that you don't double cross people. You don't create an environment where your employees can't trust those around them. I've never seen our FO as sleazy before, but letting Tebow know that his efforts last season were not overlooked will go a long way in establishing a better reputation at Dove Valley and in the minds of fans.

Regardless of what happens, I will continue to cheer for the Broncos. A Super Bowl will be sweet no matter who quarterbacks us there, but it's gonna be hard to let our Old Yeller go, but I guess it's all business, right?

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