Fret Not, Pt. 2 - Defense

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We still have Champ and Chris Harris (two of the best tackling CB's out there)

Well, Peyton Manning is officially a Bronco. THAT'S IT.... I'M DONE!!! ;-)

Tim Tebow is all but guaranteed a one way trip out of town. How do I feel about it? Who cares how I feel.... what's done is done. Tim Tebow will go on and live a wonderful life... I am sure. John Elway is a power player and who am I to question his business prowess. It sure beats trading Tim and then hedging our bets on Weeden next month.... am I right? You all know that Tebow and what he did for this team is dear to me, but all the yelling and screaming in the world won't bring him and that "it" factor back.

Twist it anyway you want, but Peyton Manning is going to do GOOD things for this team. Just ask John Elway what Joe Montana did for KC back in the day.

Let's move onto the remaining defenders in free agency who could yet help this team.

P.S. Tim, I am delusional enough to think you might see this somehow. I think your style of play could revolutionize the game of football one day.... in short.... you're mah boy Blue... you're mah boy! I will never forget the memories you gave us Tim. As far as I'm concerned... you are in the Bronco fraternity forever (the records you broke while here give that validity).

Since these posts started, we've resigned Woodyard and Joe Mays. Great news!!! Hopefully Bunk is next!! I think it's good news we haven't heard anything about the Aint's offering him a deal.

Defensive End:

Andre Carter (NE) - This is my dude right here. I've always admired him from afar... watching him accumulate nice stats without hardly any recognition - and that spanned three different teams (WAS, SF, NE). He won't be super expensive and could rest his veteran body here as a situational pass rusher. This is also a player that can stand up or play with his hand on the ground.

Mark Anderson (NE) - I like him as well. Rotational player only, but for the right price, he could be an asset.

Matt Roth (JAC) - Roth isn't an ideal starter, but he's a pretty balanced player who I feel is an upgrade over Jason Hunter and Derrick Harvey.


Defensive Tackle:

Brodrick Bunkley (Us) - EFX, if the Saints balked, can now focus on resigning one of our best defenders.

Sammie Lee Hill (DET) - A young, powerful, athletic DT who is a mountain of a man. I think his tender is a 4th rounder, as he's restricted. Could we find a better DT in the 4th?

Albert Haynesworth (TB) - Should I dare say Fat Albert could work here? Surrounded with veteran guys like Champ, Peyton, and possibly Dawk... could he get behind that leadership and give us a couple years of good play? I'm not for this signing by any means, but from what I hear, Haynesworth did play well at times for the Buccs.

Derek Landri (PHI) - This guy had a pretty good year as a reserve lineman for the Iggles. He's pretty balanced, and would come cheap.

Antonio Garay (SD) - A decent NT option for us, should Bunk leave.

Luis Castillo (SD) - If not for injuries, Castillo is an All-Pro level talent. If we could somehow get him on the cheap, then I say he's a gamble/investment worth making. He's played as a 5-tech in the 3-4 his whole career, but he could easily move to the interior in a 4-3.

Amobi Okoye (CHI) - Amobie Okoye and Marcus Thomas, are two of the youngest, multiple year vets in football. Okoye is 25, and should be just entering some break out years as a penetrating 3-Tech in a 4-3. He came off the bench in relief there in Chicago, and had a pretty good year as a pass rusher. He could still be a freak, given a couple years in Nunnely's scheme.

Marcus Thomas (DEN) - Just like Okoye, Marcus Thomas is just now the age of some rookies.... can you believe that? I say this every year, but he has the athleticism to break out once the mental side of football completely clicks for him.

Aubrayo Franklin (NO) - Once again, a good NT prospect should Bunk move one. I'm pretty sure EFX was looking into him last year.... this could be the time to pounce since he's coming off a not-so-great year with the Saints.


Outside Linebacker:

The only thing I worry about here would be DJ's suspension (will it stand???). If DJ is deemed guilty be the FO, I could see us shipping him pronto, before the draft.

Erin Henderson (MIN) - 26 year old, promising weakside backer. The brother of former MIN ILB, EJ Henderson.

Ernie Simms (IND) - Simms came on like gangbusters as a rookie, but since has regressed horribly. Could his raw tools (speed) fit in here with Foxy/Del Rio's system? Possibly.

Rocky McIntosh (WAS) - Miscast in Washington's 3-4, he could give us a few solid years as a WLB.


Middle Linebacker:

John Bena touched on this in MHR Radio last night.... and I agree with him. This is a HUGE need for the Denver Broncos since Mays is a backup at best (2 down guy), and Irving is green and rough around the edges thus far. Luckily for us.... there are several stud options available to us in the talent pool.

Stephen Tulloch (DET) - Widely considered one of the best 4-3 MIKE's in football, but I always have to wonder with him. Why didn't the Titans want him? Why on earth doesn't Detroit make him a priority either? That is the question with Tulloch. I've heard some say he's a punk, but I've seen no proof to validate this.

Curtis Lofton (ATL) - IMO.... he fits the mold of a John Fox MIKE, more than any of them. Lofton is a gifted athlete who can roam the middle of the field, and also move effortlessly from sideline to sideline. He doesn't have elite speed for a backer, but it's definitely good enough for Foxy. He is also good in coverage. I would be a VERY happy man if EFX could reel in his talents. Ohh, and he's young too!!!

London Fletcher (WAS) - Some of you will undoubtedly flame me for this, but London Fletcher could give us 3 stellar years of play from the MLB position. IDK how this guy isn't a perennial All Pro. He's been quietly putting up some of the most sadistic LB stats the league has ever seen, yet no one gives him credit. He's built like a no-neck, tank of a Fullback.... and I FULLY believe he has multiple years of great play left in him. Guys like Fletcher, Champ, and Darrell Green are timeless, and the rules apply to them differently. Adding him would give us some of the best leadership of any team in football.

David Hawthorne (SEA) - Another young, promising MIKE Backer. He's filled in well for Tatupu, and they haven't missed a beat there in Seattle. This is the year for a FA MLB my friends.... hopefully we take full advantage.

DeAndre Levy (DET) - He was playing out of position last year on the weakside, and subsequently had a down year. A move back to MIKE may give him life once again. He's only 25, and he put in some solid years as a MIKE in Detroit.

Gary Brackett (IND) - He may be washed up, but I doubt it. Everyone struggled in Indy last year. He has the wheels needed for a John Fox MLB.

Having read this section.... tell me that's not one of the deeper Middle Linebacker classes you've seen in FA!!!



We've gotten down to the nitty gritty with the CB's. Slim pickens folks... but that's alright. There is always a high demand for talented Corners, so of course they're always gobbled up quickly in FA (most times to ridiculous contracts as well.... look no further than Eric Wright, who got PAID, despite the fact he's not even that good.... Stanford Routt comes to mind as well).

Tracy Porter (NO) - Solid starter.... not great or elite... but solid. He would benefit greatly from the pass rush here in Denver. Has some good ball skills to boot - which we desperately need. That's one thing Dennis Allen couldn't get out of our defense.... INTERCEPTIONS!!! Yeah.... they're kinda key.

William Middleton (JAC) - Came on in relief of injured starters for the Jags.... and played well. He knows Del Rio, and, being a young guy, has many years ahead of him. Not a sexy signing, but an important one... knowing Goodman is most likely done.

Marcus Trufant (SEA) - At one time, Trufant looked like a top flight CB. Over time though, his skills have eroded and he's been on some bad Seattle teams. I think a move here with our pass rush would invigorate his career, and give us a stout #2 to pair with Champ, Chris Harris, Syd'Quan, and whoever we draft (we will draft a CB somewhere next month... I just don't know how high of a pick it will be).

Kelvin Hayden (ATL) - Looked like a good CB at one time... got paid to leave Indy... hasn't done jack squat since. Perhaps a move here will light the fire under his cleats.



Mike Adams, IMO, was a very important signing. I've heard many (including myself) compare him to Renaldo Hill, or, I daresay, Nate Jones!!! IDK think the latter is the case, as Adams started for Cleveland, and was part of a very good defense last year. As Topher Doll pointed out.... he fits perfectly with what we're trying to do with our Free Safeties. Having said that, and knowing we still have Rahim Moore to groom, I now see a need for a vet SS, in the event Dawk can't come back (rest assured he WILL want to, with Peyton on board, but can he health wise?).

Jim Leonhard (NYJ) - I don't know if he fits our system or not, but there's no denying his play when healthy. A QB of a defense... a hard working, leader of men... Leonhard started looking like a Pro Bowler for Rex Ryan. The only problem with Jim... he probably won't be ready for the start of next season due to a patellar tendon tear. Your guess is as good as mine. Does he fit in here? You tell me. :)

Sean Jones (TB) - A one time, promising player.... Jones has lost his way a bit, and been shuffled around here and there since.

Is Harrison Smith from Notre Dame a viable option for us in the draft??? Mark Barron??? I say we continue to groom Quinton Carter, and hopefully Dawk is back for another go round.

Well folks.... that's all she wrote. Let me know what you think... where I went wrong... and any other FA's I left off, that you feel would fit here. Thanks and GO BRONCOS!!! This team is bigger than Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning!!! We need to remember.... John Elway is pretty fly for a white guy!!!

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