Don't Read This Post

It's therapeutic.

It's more for me, and less for you.

It's twitter conversations, and comment browsing, and frustration and joy. All rolled into one.

It's my thoughts, to which you are welcome to disagree. After all, we are grown adults right?

Lets jump, and i'll try to make my points short and sweet.

On Tebow:

He is not gone. He is still a Bronco, and the fact that so much hate is spewed his way from "Die-Hard Broncos Fans" is beyond me. And speaking frankly to those who spew such things: You are becoming what you dislike about this site, and his fans.

Just because we have different opinions doesn't authorize us to be assholes to those who disagree with us (not preaching, I'm definitely included, right Scotty?)

On Manning:

Once in a generation talent to be sure. Montana was cut loose before his time, and my suspicion is that so was Manning.

We have no way of knowing what the status of his neck/nerve is. If EFX gives him a pass, its good enough for me. Hell, Manning is even implementing a clause in his contract to protect the Broncos in the event that his issues persist. To that I tip my hat. For the past week I have been spewing non-sense about him trying to line his pockets, and that has clearly not been correct.

He is bringing his pals along with him, and I can't say I'm excited. Jeff Saturday is the antithesis of Manning. A product, not the source. And while I think that he is currently an upgrade, J.D. Walton (more so than Tebow) deserves a chance to develop. If Stokely comes, the same can be said for him.

On Elway:

John, more than anything else, has had my panties in a wad. He did lie. No matter how you spin it (circumstances change, once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity, et al.) he flat out lied to the fans.

He could have gotten out ahead of it. Could have said long ago that Tim was not his guy, and that he would be pursuing an upgrade at the position. I am personally upset (I won't attempt to put words in others mouths... I have already done enough of that). I had the utmost respect for John. He was very successful after football, and had a nice run in the AFL, which is very respectable. But I feel like he betrayed my trust. He actually increased my confidence in Tebow. He gave us morsels of support (that he would work with Tim, that Tim was special, that he had the potential, the he personally harbored hope for Tim.) In the end though, it was all lies. I would have respected him a great deal more if he had been forthright about it.

I am not weak, and I'm not an emotional mess. I do realize that his job is to win. He has taken a big step in that direction. Its how he took it that isn't right.

On The Future:

Lets go win the Superbowl, and make this drama worth it all.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for the understanding. Lets keep it classy in the comments. We aren't Raiders fans. We know what class is, lets show some of it, at least to our fellow Broncos fans.

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