The TRUTH - And Why More Work is Needed

This is an emotional time for Bronco fans who like Tim Tebow and for Tim Tebow fans who pretended to be Bronco fans, alike. There are lots of opinions getting tossed about and so, instead of throwing out a bunch of thoughts, I'm going to be brief and stick to the few things I know or deeply believe to be facts. Here are several things I believe to be true:

1. Peyton Manning, if healthy, is better than Tim Tebow.

2. EFX (mostly Elway) made this move to upgrade the qb position. Given Elways comments, rumors that Brady Quinn was about to come in for Tim at several different points and on and on and on . . . I believe that Elway saw this move as his last chance to get rid of Tim Tebow. Trading out Tebow for anyone less than Peyton Manning would've likely caused a revolt and, while I'm a Bronco fan who likes Tebow (not a Tebow fan who likes the Broncos), I'm not sure I would've been o.k. with anyone less than Peyton replacing Tim after what Tim did for us last year. If EFX had waited one more year or not gone after Peyton, they would've had to marry themselves to a qb they didn't choose and don't believe-in or risk alienating the entire fanbase. Peyton was their ONLY out.

3. We are not ready to win a super bowl, yet. This team still has holes - especially if we don't resign Marcus Thomas and or Broderick Bunkley. Also, I think losing Daniel Fells was a crushing loss to our running game.

Now the opinion:

To get there, here are a number of moves I think we need to make:

1. Defensive Tackle - we need to sign Bunkley and Marcus Thomas or grab Amobe Okoye . . . something. I thought Bunkley and Thomas were good last year. If we can upgrade, great. But we at least have to maintain the status quo.

2. Tender Mike Wallace - Imagine turning the loss of Eddie into an upgrade to Wallace. Wallace, Decker, D.T. Nuff' said.

3. Sign Jeff Saturday and Dallas Clarke - if nothing else to make Peyton feel at home and to translate Peyton's language to the rest of the O-line. Also, as much as I hate to admit it because I love the kid, JD Walton had not been very good. In fact, I've seen several individual metrics ranking him among the bottom 1/3 of Centers. Dallas Clarke is a technician - we'll get what he has left, plus he can teach Julius Thomas how to run routes.

4. Identify and sign a blocking tight-end.

5. Move X - Another move I'm not thinking of. Look, we're all in. Let's trade a first or second round pick for a stud at a position of need. I mean, we've now gone from being a team who's building - to a team who wants to win a championship now.

- All in!!!! Super bowl or bust baby!!!!!!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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