Post-Manning mockery - no more crazy FA talk!

Well, as many emotions as I have going on right now, I'm looking forward. I'm hoping we keep Tebow, but that's seeming more and more unlikely. Even then, I'm creating this mock to see what ya'll think of the possibilities we have going into the 2012 season!

In contrast to my last mock, where I went crazy in free agency, I'm keeping most of my FA signings minimal this time around. There are a few of them, but none except maybe Bunkley/Clark would require big contracts.

ason Hill
Jeremiah Johnson
Knowshon Moreno
Marcus Thomas
Ryan McBean
There might be more, but I'm a bit short on time -- look at the final roster and you'll know who I didn't care much for. :)

Free agents:
CB Zack Bowman (Chicago, 6'1" 196lb)
SS Sean Jones (Tampa Bay, 6'1" 220lb)
DT Brodrick Bunkley (Denver, 6'2" 306lb)
DE/DT Wallace Gilberry (Kansas City, 6'2" 268lb)
WR Ted Ginn, Jr. (San Francisco, 5'11" 180lb)
TE Dallas Clark (Indianapolis, 6'3" 252lb)
C Samson Satele (Oakland, 6'2" 300lb) OR Jeff Saturday
FB Spencer Larsen (Denver)
DT Eric Foster (Indianapolis, 6'2" 285lb)

Round 1: DE Nick Perry (Southern California, 6'3" 250lb)
Pass-rush specialist; when mixed in with Gilberry, Doom, and Von, could cause some major headaches for opposing O-lines and QBs
Round 2: OLB Bruce Irvin (West Virginia, 6'3" 245lb)
With the resignings of Woodyard, DJ Williams could become trade fodder. I wouldn't mind bringing in Irvin to help
Round 3: RB Robert Turbin (Utah State, 5'10" 222lb)
Powerfully built but quick and agile enough to catch passes, strong enough to block, and has home run speed when he hits the open field
Round 4: CB Josh Norman (Coastal Carolina 6'0" 198lb)
Solid East-West shrine performance, large stature for the position, and incredible burst and closing ability; he's a ballhawk, too!
Round 5: ILB Jerry Franklin (Arkansas, 6'1" 241lb)
This guy is a tackling *machine*. Period.
Round 7: WR Marquis Maze (Alabama, 5'8" 186lb)
Speedster receiver with the ability to stretch the field as a Y in the slot; solid special-teams contributor as well.

Final roster:
QB: Manning, Tebow, Weber
RB: McGahee, Turbin, Ball, Fannin
WR: Thomas, Decker, Ginn, Maze, Willis
TE: Clark, Thomas, Green
LT: Clady, Clark
LG: Beadles, Ramirez
OC: Satele/Saturday, Walton
RG: Kuper, Walton
RT: Franklin, Hills
FB: Larsen
RDE: Doom, Gilberry
DT: Bunkley, Foster
NT: Warren, Foster
LDE: Perry, Ayers
SLB: Miller, Mohamed
MLB: Mays, Irving, Franklin
WLB: Irvin, Woodyard, Williams
LCB: Bailey, Norman
RCB: Bowman, Harris, Carter
SS: Jones, Bruton, Bush
FS: Adams, Carter, Moore

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