New Draft Strategy with Manning on Board.

Now that the Broncos have signed the biggest Free Agent in NFL history, their entire culture and game management strategy has been flipped upside down. John Fox ball in which running the ball and stopping the run is no longer in play. The Broncos are now going to stretch the field, bring a fast pace no-huddle attack and build a defense around playing with a lead. The good news is the Broncos already have the core on defense to play with a lead. They have 2 dynamic pass rushers in Elvis and Von. They have a HOF CB that can shut down one half of the field and just brought in a Safety (Adams) that is known for his ability in coverage. Having Manning under center changes the direction of the franchise and their draft strategy.

2012 Mock Draft with Manning under Center:

1st Rd: Given to Pitt for Mike Wallace as RFA. You cant tell me the Broncos will find an immediate impact player with the 25th pick. Mike Wallace is a guarantee that you just cant find in the bottom of the first round. Imagine an offense with Wallace and Thomas stretching the filed and Decker working in the slot. Running the no-huddle at altitude with those weapons...the Broncos will have the most prolific offense in the AFC.

2nd Rd: Kendell Reyes, DL UCONN. 6'4" 300lbs and ran a 4.8 40yd dash at the combine. Not aggressive against the run but a difference maker rushing the passer. Playing with the lead will allow Reyes to use his speed off the ball and rush the passer from the interior. He will have a lot of opportunites with Von and Elvis pushing QB's up into the pocket.

3rd Rd: Josh Robinson, CB, Central Florida: Ran a 4.29 40yd dash at the combine. Excels in man coverage and haste speed to take risks jumping underneath routes. Would have 2-3 years to learn under Champ. No Brainer!

4th Rd: Ronnie Hilman, RB SDSU: 5'9" 210 lbs and runs in the high 4.3 range. I splitting image of Ray Rice with more quickness. He is allusive and can be used in the offense the same way Darren Sproles was used in New Orleans. Has good hands and can be used in the return game.

5th Rd (From Rams): Greg Childs, WR Arkansas:' 6'4" and 220 lbs. and ran a 4.4 40 coming off a knee injury. Great value in the 5th round and Manning has a tendency to make stars out of late round WR's. If he can turn Austin Collie into a stud. Imagine what he could do with a 6'4" burner that creates mismatches all over the field.

5th Rd: Chase Ford, TE Miami (FL): 6'6" and runs a 4.6 40yd dash. He looked good in the Shrine Game and can create mismatches with his speed and size comnination

7th Rd: Donte Paige-Moss, 6'3" 270lbs: A first round talent with a undrafted FA attitude. A high reward low risk pick in the 7th round. If he gets his attitude together, he could be an excellent rush DE and could pair with Dumerville on passing situations leaving Ayers in on run downs.


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