An argument to keep Tebow

Here's why I think Tebow should stay with the Broncos.

1. He's inury insurance. Look at what happened to the Colts when Peyton went down. It could happen again. He'll be 36 this season and coming off major injury. Our offense already knows how to play Tebow's game. If Manning goes down, we could switch fairly easily to Tebow's offense, more so than any other team that would take him in a trade. If he's going to go somewhere else to be a backup, why can't he be a back up here?

2. I don't think we'll get much for him in a trade right now. I think he'd be more valuable as a back up than getting a 5th or 6th round draft pick. We still have him on contract for the next 2 years minimum, I think. We can always trade him next year or before the trade deadline if some other team becomes depleted at QB due to injury. At that time, his value could be higher and if the values is good pull the trigger. Let's not jump the gun on this because emotions are high right now. Wait until he's a more valued commodity.

3. Releasing him would be stupid. We still need a backup QB. His cost isn't so much for a backup QB and getting nothing for him is rediculous.

4. Say Manning puts up a lead early as we hope for him to do. Let Tebow play the 4th quarter, grind out the clock, and rest Manning. Reduces injury risk to Manning. The opposing defense will already be tired from Manning's fast paced offense. Our running game always picked up near the end of the game for this very reason. It grinds out the clock, gives Tebow playing time, and potentially increases his stock for a trade at a later date.

5. I like Tebow. I think he's a good guy and I think he's good for the Broncos as a whole and the Denver community.

6. It keeps the media focus on Denver. I like that. I don't live in Denver, so I don't get as much coverage as a lot of Bronco fans, so if the NFL network and ESPN are showing Broncos stuff all the time because Tebow is still a Bronco, then hey, that's good for the organisation. Manning is a big boy and can handle it I'm sure. Also, I wouldn't like to see Tebows face on those same networks all the time in a different jersey. That would just be annoying, because you know he's still going to get a lot of attention.

7. Tebow can learn from Manning. I've said before that Manning probably doesn't have that much to give for Tebow. Their styles of play are drastically different. Anything Manning could teach Tebow, Tebow should already be learning from the coaches, like presnap reads, defensive formations, offensive groupings, etc. Tebow's problems are things that Manning can't fix, like mechanics, and game experience/practice reps. All that being said, I guess any young QB could learn from Manning something. I'm not a coach on any level, so my speculation about Manning not being able to teach Tebow is probably BS.

So there you have it. That's my feeling about the situation. Please give me your opinion as to why this is valid, or total BS. Thanks for reading, and GO BRONCOS!!!

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