Maybe I just dont "get it"

Winning, for me, IS about the players

When you watched the Broncos on thier amazing run last year, were you cheering for Management? Were you JUST cheering the win or were you cheering for the great plays and players?

I cheer for the players and of course for the wins.

See, I am in Killeen/Ft Hood Texas. I am stuck between Dallas and Houston. You would think I would root for one of them. But Dallas and Jerry Jones are the reasons I stopped watching the NFL years ago. For what he did to Landry and then Jimmy Johnson...and well everything he has done since. I also rooted for the Houston Oilers until Bud Adams lost his dang mind.

So for me, it was years of College football. I always root for all the Texas teams but since 1972 I have been a Gator fan, so yeah, it was Tebow that brought me back to the NFL. But I can not tell you how happy I was he ended up with the Broncos. With a few notable exeptions, the Broncos was a team I could really root for. Great players a seemingly nice owner and lets face it, Denver is a great city.

Not so much now. Elway was a great player, he is not so great a VP of football operations. Yes he knows football and yes, he knows the QB position but he doesnt seem to know people. He knows how to not look a gift horse in the mouth (no pun intended).

People keep whining about Tebow-mania, but most of them dont really stop to think about why there IS Tebow-mania. Contrary to SOME popular belief it is NOT about his being a Christian. I know alot of people in this area who like Tebow and not one of them mention his religion. To me it is because he IS a beast on the field and a great person off. I liked the fac tthat he would do anything he was asked and give 100% and I liked the fact that I know I will never have to read about him being arrested for anything.

This kid set records, PASSING records in College, IN the SEC, arguably the strongest conference. He won a Heisman, and was part of 2 National Championships. It was NOT a fluke. And to that fringe gruop that keeps whining about how that was college...we duh, he was IN college. Basically your acting like noone in the NFL was ever in college or once they got out they were instantly NFL superstars. Your saying Tebow is the only one who was in college who is unable to grow or learn in the NFL. That is a rediculous arguement.

I know the NFL is a "business". I know you cant always expect a player to be drafted and retire on the same team. But I expect more out of management. I expect a little class. Going after Manning was not a bad thing. And lets face it, if Tebow had not come in last year and took us to the playoffs do you really think Manning would have come here? Promises were made and while "business" is always a fluid thing in the NFL, I dont believe a word that came out of Elways mouth last year about working with Tebow.

OK. I have rambled on and off topic long enough. Just had to rant a little and I always find it cathartic...

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