Is it Safe to Buy a Manning Jersey?



Now that I have been able to start to come to grips with the reality that great Peyton Manning is playing for my team and not knocking them out of the playoffs 200-13, I wonder if it is safe to buy a Manning jersey in Bronco orange or blue or whatever color may come out if Pat Bowlen changes his mind again. This fear of buying a new QB jersey comes from the many QB Jersey’s I have been forced to pick up to support my local team. I do have a Champ Bailey jersey and that seems to be the one I have worn the most since Elway retired. However, like many fans the QB jersey is the must have. Please read below and help me decide.

My QB Jersey Dilemma’s over the years.

1987 – My father gets me my first kids Jersey with a number 7 on it.

1997-1998 – I wore my Elway Jersey with the new uniform colors. My father also bought me as for my birthday.

1999-2002 - Griese was a jerk. I wore my Elway jersey.

2003-2004 – I rooted for Plummer. Manning Destroyed Denver in the playoffs 40-10 and 49-24. I wore my Elway jersey.

2005 – I was going to buy a Plummer Jersey until he flipped me off at a game, and then completely blew the AFC championship game with 3 picks

2006 – My wife bought me a Champ Bailey jersey. Again, I almost thought about buying a Plummer Jersey until I watched Cutler play in the pre-season, and then wanted to see when he was going to start.

2007 – I bought my Cutler Jersey with pride as I knew he was going to start the whole year.

2008 - I wore my Cutler Jersey with pride again as he lead the number 2 offense and went to the pro bowl. Wow two whole seasons of wearing the same QB Jersey not having a number seven. Woohoo!

2009 – Pat Bowlen wakes up one morning and decides he has enjoyed too much success with his team. He wonders what it would feel like to have a top 5 draft pick. He sees a dog taking a BM in his front yard and gets an epiphany. He then calls longtime head coach Mike Shanahan into his office and fires him on the spot. Then he goes out and interviews new coaches asking only one question, "If you were dog, and the team was a lawn what would you do?" The hurricane known as Josh McDaniels becomes haed coach and first thing he does is piss off his QB and trades Cutler before he

I put my Cutler jersey away for ditching our team and going to the Bears. I would have bought an Orton jersey until I watched the live scrimmage game at mile high. Then, again I almost thought about buying an Orton jersey later in the season until Week 11 against San Diego when he came off the bench to replace the 2 for 4 Chris Simms to lead Denver to a FG which ended in a 32-3 loss.

2010 - I was going to buy my Tebow Jersey and then I found out that Orton was going to start the season because Josh McDaniels hadn’t yet completed his mission from the devil, er, Belicheck which was to tank the season, and get fired so Bowlen would have to pay three coaches in 2011. McDaniels was fired and Tebow started in Week 15 against the raiders and sets three new franchise records. I starter getting excited. I go to his first home game and comeback win against Houston. I get more excited.

2011 – I buy my Tebow jersey and have high hopes for the season with Josh McDaniels gone. John Fox and John Elway spend nights putting hexes on Tebow, itch powder in his jock strap, and Visine in his Gatorade. Then they announce that Kyle Orton was the best player in a "fair" QB competition. Orton goes 3-1. Then when John Elway starts to realize that Andrew Luck is clearly in his reach he had Fox insert Tebow to get the top pick in the draft. Tebow Time is born and Timmy finds ways to win in 7 out of 8 games in heroic fashion, leads Denver to a playoff victory in overtime, and I wear my Tebow Jersey with pride.

2012 – John Elway trades for the greatest passer in the history of the game. Tebow Time is dead. Still having withdrawl.

2013- Pat Bowlen sees a dog in his front lawn holding Samarai sword pointed towards his stomach wearing a Peyton Manning jersey...........................

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