The Player who Inspired Me to do Better

Tim Tebow is no longer a Denver Bronco.

Take a deep breath and let it sink deep into the skin.

I never thought I would feel this emotional from one players departure. In an era where players come and go faster than a tank of gas in a V10 truck I never thought one player would have such an impact on not only my life but many others in the world. My story is one of many but I needed to vent on this trade. Take this post as my closure in the Denver Broncos Tim Tebow era.

In the year of 2006 as a crazy young college kid going to Chico State University I like many out there wasn't a fan of Tim Tebow. Frankly I couldn't stand him. Mainly out of the media attention he was getting as a college kid a year older than me but more out of jealousy. Here was this athletic machine with talent and the looks that would make Brad Pitt say wow. He had everything I wanted. The great QB of a D1 school and the choice of any gorgeous women in Florida. What guy wouldn't want that? I know I did and I wasn't a fan of the kid.

When the team I bleed for the Denver Broncos drafted Tim I sorta jumped for joy out of pure shock. It was and awkward jump for joy and I still remember the moment and the feeling. I didn't know what to expect and nobody else did either. Then Tim got his chance to start after the McDaniels firing and that first series where he ran for a 40 yard TD and ran over a couple Raiders in the process. Right then and there my love for the kid began. Then in the same season the comeback victory against the Texans that gave a 3-11 team the best ending to the worst season of my Broncos fanhood. Little did we know Tebow Time was just beginning.

When Kyle Orton was awarded the starting job I was furious and so were many of my fellow Denver Broncos fans. We had seen what Kyle Orton had to offer and frankly we didn't like what we saw. Then the 1-3 start and I was just sitting there waiting for Tim to get his chance and finally he did almost bringing us back in the second half against the Chargers. What would happen after that no one would have expected. Its almost like a dream come true.

Tebow Time had begun. After the epic comeback against the Dolphins and the blowout loss to the Lions fans still were up in the air about Tebow. There was talk about Brady Quinn taking over in the second half against the Raiders if Tebow didn't improve. Then came the game in Oakland and the turning point of a 2-5 team with no hope what so ever of doing anything worth of note.

That game in Oakland would be a game I had the opportunity to attend thanks to my brothers roommates girlfriend. We sat at the 50 yard line of the nosebleeds with all the crazy ignorant drunk annoying Raider fans. But what else would I expect right? I will never t forget that game because not only was it the start of a 6 game win streak that would win the Broncos the AFC West or the fact they beat the team I hate most, But because it was and probably will be the only time I will ever see Tebow play live in a Broncos jersey. The Broncos won by a landslide and I will never forget that day. I will save the ticket til the day I die, even if it has a Raiders logo on it.

During that six game win streak and all the emotions and heart attacks that came with it. It was the most rewarding feeling I had ever had being a Broncos fan. See I was too young to really remember the way I felt for the back to back Super Bowls of Terrell Davis and Mr. Elway. Growing up in a family of Raiders fans its really hard to get them to even watch your games. But this special season I had the pleasure of watching games with my Grandfather whos the biggest Raiders fan I know. He as much as he probably hates the Broncos had became a believer and fan of Tebow. The Thursday night game in which Tebow had the game winning touchdown run my parents stayed up late just to watch the Tebow post game stuff. They would not have done this if it was any other player. That is the power of Tebow. It is something no one can explain. For all his mechanical flaws and the naysayers he captured a nation and probably the world in the year of 2011. Hate him or love him he is a figure that people cannot take there eyes off of.

In the games final moments against Pittsburgh in which the Broncos won in overtime I lost my mind. Frankly I blacked out. I had never gone that crazy for a sporting event. Last thing I remember was screaming at the top of my lungs taking off my Tebow jersey and running around my neighborhood making the neighbors think I was a out of my mind. It is a moment and feeling I will never forget.

Tim Tebow makes me want to better myself as a person. Become the man I was born to be. Never has someone inspired me to better myself like him. I envy him for this. He is a person that many disagree with especially his views on religion. Why I ask? We all have friends and family who take religion more serious than others so why does it matter with Tim? That I will never know. I am not a man big on faith but I am a Catholic. I don't want to bring religion into this but it is because of Tim that I have done something I never thought I could. Being a kid who parties and sucks down alcohol like water on the weekends I am currently not drinking for Lent. It has been tough but I am doing very well.

I bought a husky puppy in August and when I was thinking for names for him it became clear the only name to fit the pup should be Tebow. Even though you are no longer on my favorite team I am glad to have named my dog after you. Not just because of what you did for the Broncos in 2011 but for what you stand for and the person you are.

I will miss you Tim and I will be rooting for you in that ugly green Jets jersey or wherever you go. I hope you win a Super Bowl one day and frankly I think you will.

Thanks for one of the greatest seasons these two eyes have ever seen and Good Luck and God Bless on your new journey as a New York Jet. Thanks for being the player who inspired me to do better in my life. One thing is sure this Denver Broncos fan will miss you dearly.

Tim Tebow "It's Tebow Time" [HD] (via UFneverender757)

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