A breath of fresh air

You know, there's been a lot of talk lately. Most of it has been about Manning, Tebow, and Payton and the Saints. There's been lots of mocks and FA ideas. Well, I figured that like myself, everyone is probably getting a bit green in the face hearing the same thing over and again. So, I thought I'd mix it up a bit, and let my verbal diarrhea appeal to you as it might. ;)

A hop and a skip, now...

1) Holy crap, the Bills defense is going to be scary this year. Superman, Dareus, and Anderson on their D line?! That's going to be a nightmare for some QBs! The thing is, it's not like the Eagles where they got a bunch of people that don't necessarily mesh together. I think these three are going to be VERY good for years to come. Their LB corps and secondary are nothing to scoff at either. If Fitzpatrick can be a little less bipolar next year, they could be making a serious run.

2) What is with everyone being so down on Tim Tebow? Yeah, it was a crappy situation and maybe the Broncos FO could've handled it better... the guy is making millions, doing what he loves, and using this media circus to further his own platform and agenda; he will have an even bigger stage and opportunity in the Big Apple. Yes, it's sad that someone with that much potential both on and off the field had to be shipped away, but so what? Let's get over it.

3) Without Payton, what do you think the chances are like for the Saints this year? Do you think the penalty was too harsh? Too soft? How about missing out on two second rounders? Player punishments?

4) The Patriots have quietly made some pretty big splashes. I think they shored up their offense while sort of neglecting their defense. I'm actually pretty happy for BLoyd for getting out there. I think him and Brady will develop a good rapport, and they needed a deep threat outside the hashes

5) If we can land Jameel McCLain and Tracy Porter, I'll be a happy camper! I may be in the minority here, but I'm glad we didn't overpay Bunk. Don't get me wrong, I was high on him the moment we signed him from Philly, but 9M guaranteed? I don't think so.

6) I think the Chargers look a little scary right now, as do the Chiefs. I know it's just Phyllis Rivers, but Robert Meachem worries me a bit. Minus the QB situation, I think KC has all the pieces in place. With Charles coming back and Hillis as the change of pace back, great young receivers, and a pro-bowl safety returning to the lineup... not to mention the TE. They are going to make for stiff competition, but I think adding Peyton instantly improves our chances.

7) How solid did RGIII look at Baylor's pro days?! That guy is gonna be a monster. He's as mobile as Vick, but he's already got his passing down pat. He could really revolutionize the game, sort of like Cam Newton did last year.

8) Speaking of Cam Newton, WTF is Carolina doing? WHY DO YOU NEED TOLBERT?! You *need* good receivers to help out your young stud QB.

Hmm... well, that about covers it. :) Tell me about some of my thoughts in the comments, or go ahead and post your own! Educate me!

Go Broncos!

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