On Hope, Love, and holding your breath

When it comes to Hope, love and holding your breath I am wondering how the fan base of the Denver Broncos could compare what happened in 2011 and what is about to happen in 2012.

It's been a while since I have done a fan post. Got busy and life got in the way, then all of a sudden months went by. Forgot my password and then tried to retrieve it and it just didn't work so here I am again. Lovewatchinthegame 2.0

It's funny how things change yet remain the same. Here we are again in the middle of a FA, Draft season and OMG what an amazing amount of change has gone on at Dove valley.

I have been really enjoying all of the fan posts and comments and all of a sudden I read a comment and I just felt like I had to say something.

I have looked and looked and I can't find it but it went something along the lines... when you hope in someone and they come through your affection grows for them, each time they come through your love starts to grow.....If you recognize that comment please let me know.

In a way Tebow did that for the Bronco fan base last year. From what I am reading there were a lot of fans that hated to see him go. Even fans that may have disliked him at first, he grew on us. First I was suspect but I was like WTH were 1-4 what have we got to loose? I wasn't loving watching those games I can tell you. Why? Because I had given up on Mr. Orton and I cringed every time he started. Let's face it to love watching the game you gotta at least feel like you have a chance to win.

It wasn't just me, I mean if our most vocal advocate of Orton (our passionate and articulate Australian, boydy 2669) had given up on Orton who he had passionately supported then I also was done with Mr. Ortonary.

Then Mr. Tebow or Timmy took over, and then something really cool started to or lose with Timmy there was this hope, this love almost all the while you were holding your breath. Well at least I was.

I held my breath because I was told he was deficient, that he was not able. But somehow the kid won. then he was blown out by Detroit then he went on this run (okay fair enough the whole team went on the run) but you had Champ and others on the team backing him up and game by game the hope grew and I found myself holding my breath, hoping that he would find another way to win. And he did!!! The Playoff game was the pinnacle. Nuf said!!!

Now we are starting a whole new year. We now have one of the most prolific QB's of all time at the helm. We have Caleb as a backup, and I am dying to hear what you guys and gals are thinking when it comes to Hope, Love and Holding your breath.

I for one will be holding my breath every time I see someone coming from Peyton's blindside with a chance to... well you know.

I don't have a lot of confidence in Caleb to say the least. I can promise you one thing, I will be holding my breath this year a lot, but it will not be for the same reasons I held my breath last season.

Go Broncos

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