Free Agency: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Wow, its been a hectic couple of weeks. Taking a deep breath, here are my thoughts:

The Good

1. Peyton Manning: One of the top five quarterbacks of all time, if he is healthy we have accomplished the biggest quarterback upgrade of all time. He instantly makes our offense more dangerous and he will elevate our young stars to new heights. Truly an exciting time to be a Broncos Fan.

2. Tracy Porter: good cornerback and an upgrade over Andre Goodman.

3. Joel Dreesen and Jacob Tamme: Two young but veteran pass catching tight ends...awesome. Huge upgrade over Fells and Rosario.

4. Mike Adams: Don't know much about him, but from what I read he should be good and let Rahim Moore get more seasoning and not be pressed to start.

The Bad

1. Where is the back up running back? Mcgahee was great last year, but we need to get a quality back up unless we are counting on Knowshown Moreno....if we are that can't be good.

2. Where are the Defensive Lineman?: We lost Bunkley and we missed out on the best of what was available in free agency. Hopefully we can draft good Defensive Lineman in the draft.

3. Is DJ Williams really going to miss 6 games? We are thin at linebacker. We have signed Mays and Woodyard, but sure wish we could upgrade our linebacking core. Maybe Nate Irving is ready....hope we don;t go into the season with our linebacking core this unsettled.

4. Are we going to make a play for Mike Wallace or is DT our number 1 and Andre Caldwell the no 2, and Erick Decker the no. 3. Seems like we are thin at reciever.

5. Tebow trade was ok, we got a few picks, but its hard to fight the feeling that Tebow will be a great success and that we gave up on him too soon. Time will tell, but I will always root for Tebow. I think he will win the job from Sachez before week 8....maybe by week 4.

6. If Manning gets hurt we have gambled 18 million dollars and traded away a probable franchise quarterback.

The Ugly

1. Caleb Hanie???? you can't be serious. When the Bears went into their Hanie induced Coma and missed the playoffs, which part made Elway go we gotta have that guy. Vince Young, Josh Johnson.......Jim Plunkett, Tiger Woods, LeBron James, anyone..but this guy. God help us if Manning gets hurt.

Draft will be a huge opportunity for us to fill our remaining holes. Trust in Elway, Keep the Faith Bronco Nation.

Broncos Forever

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