All NEW 2012 Mock Draft Trade Down Please!

Who said we couldn't rebuild if we brought manning to town?

The rams trade up to # 25 to draft kendall Right which should help the Bradford put up huge numbers. Denver gets there 2nd rounder pick #34 and also pick #95 in the 3rd round

draft pick value

Round 1#25 worth =720 points

Round 2#34 worth=560 points

Round 3#95 worth=120 points

Because Denver already has there 4th round pick from the trade with brandon Loyd were giving St. Louis 20 point discount which is worth about a mid 6th rounder but since they still owe the broncos 20 points we get a 2013 6th rounder.

Round 2 pick #33 - Devon Still DT 6'5" 305lbs - Penn State/ Still has was highly rated coming into his senior season but has fell due to a very deep draft in DTs, played very aggressive in college making plays in the backfield but needs to work on getting better separation. Denver selects the best defensive tackle thats on the board trying to find the future anchor for the orange crush D! Still Highlights -->

Round 2 pick#57 - Doug Martin RB 5'9" 223lbs - Boise State/ Martin the muscle hamster as the call him is a solid all around back that can hit the home run but also is durable and can bang inside for years to come and become a featured star back that could end up similar to Ray Rice. highlights-->

pick #89 - Bruce Irvin 6' 3" 245lbs OLB - West Virginia/ Bruce is a guy that is some what like a guy we drafted last year in Von Miller, originally started out playing safety so has some natural coverage skills not to mention his 4.43 forty yard dash. He was used primarily on passing downs and put up great sack number getting to the quarter back 22.5 times in the last 2 seasons. Can also cover backs out of the backfield and tight ends. Von and Bruce at outside could be a lethal double edge sword being a pass rushing threat from both sides of 4-3 outside backers. Trust me Bruce will complement the defense on passing situations which should be alot now that manning is in town.


Round 3 pick #95 - Trumain Johnson 6' 2" 207lbs CB/FS - Monatana/ A small school prospect but has always dominated the cornerback position, he has the size to play safety or corner, matches up well with larger receiving targets having long frame arms, tackles well and has also shown some big hits, had good production in college finishing his senior year with 13 ints,


Round 4 pick #109 - Mike Martin DT 6'1" 303lbs - Michigan/ Martin showed why he was one of the best dlinemen in the country at the senior bowl displaying great quickness splitting double teams to create penetration into the backfield. He was also a high school wrestler.-->

Round 4 pick #121 Brock Osweiller QB 6'8" 245lbs - Arizona Sate/ Denver drafts a quarterback to develop that future franchise guy, Osweiller has cannon for and arm and with his hight has great vision down field, decent pocket presence for a man of his size, Broc can sit behind Manning with the clip board and soak up as much as he can until #18 is through hangs em up.highlights-->

Round 5 pick #152 - Derek Wolfe DT 6'5" 298lbs - Cincinnati/ Wolfy is a nasty D tackle that makes alot of plays in the backfield, finished his career with 19.5 sacks and 35 tackles for loss pretty impressive numbers for and interior lineman has the size to help push the pocket on passing downs. highlights-->

Round 6 pick #178 - Brian Quick WR 6'4" 220- Appalachian State/ Quick is the last piece to help Manning and the broncos, He is another Division 1AA prospect dominated all he faced throughout school, runs crisp routes and has deep threat speed also had ridiculous number in college. highlightss-->


Denver invests on three defensive tackles in the 2012 draft hoping they find a new anchor to the bronco D and replace Bunkley, Odds are in are favor pretty good chance at least one pans, should be a great battle in camp. The reason I traded down is because there is great depth in the draft for DTs and that is the broncos biggest need. The broncos select Doug Martin to solidify the running back position for many years potentially starting by the end of camp. Bruce Irving will be fighting with woodyard for Weak side backer to fill in for DJ Williams while suspended could possibly be DJs replacement if he plays well and holds of woodyard, and if joe Mays isnt working out at MLB and Nate Irving isnt ready when DJ comes back from suspension, DJ could move back to MLB. Having Von Miller and Bruce Irving could be a whole new style of defense having them at outside backer with the ability to rush the QB from both edges at any time. We take a shot on the Montana Native Broc Osweiler, Elway and Manning help develop his passing fundamentals. Brian Quick is a guy that does a good job getting open and should be another another good tool for #18.

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