New Look Broncos Mock

Once again the Broncos keep it interesting this offseason. While Free Agency is still going on the team is starting to shape up going into the draft. This Broncos team just changed a whole lot therefore the way we look at the draft has to change. The Broncos had a lot of needs going into Free Agency, they have filled a few and still have some big ones, but our needs are less and we can focus in a little more on the few positions left to upgrade. I think the biggest needs still left to fill are DT, RB, LB, and some other lesser and more long term needs are DE, CB, WR, and C/G. So based on that here is my first mock of the year...

Round 1: David Wilson, RB, VA Tech

I like his speed as well as his ability to kick it outside and run between the tackles. Plus Fox likes his 1st round RBs.

My thoughts: We need a fast talented RB to complement McGahee. I know you can find that later in the draft but McGahee isn't getting any younger and I think Wilson has the skills to become a #1 back that can take over when McGahee is done.

Round 2: Alameda Taamu, DT, Washington

Big, Talented Run Stuffer with a great motor. Has some ability to collapse the pocket and cause disruption in the backfield. Fox likes some big beef up front.

My Thoughts: We Need to be able to stop the run in a division with Mcfadden, Charles, and Matthews. Von and Doom can provide enough pass rush for now.

Round 3: Mychal Kendricks, ILB, California

Very productive LB at Cal. Great speed and size. Played inside and outside LB in college and is very versatile.

My Thoughts: Mays is a temporary solution and Irving never made it into the lineup last year. Basically, This pick probably depends a little on how the coaching staff feels about Irving, but with all of DJs issues and Woodyard being average, Kendricks could fill in at either MLB or WLB. He would definitely add some talent and upside to the LB corp.

Round 4a: DaJohn Harris, DT, USC

Athletic, strong 3-tech prospect with tons of upside.

My Thoughts: Harris looks the part and has decent production in college. His biggest issues seem to be things that can be coached. Has the potential to be a disruptive 3-tech.

Round 4b: BJ Coleman, QB, UT-Chattanooga

Small School QB with the good size and all the tools and upside.

My Thoughts: Good Young QB that could sit and learn behind Manning. Has potential to at least be a solid backup if not a starter.

Round 5: Jake Bequette, DE, Arkansas

4 year starter with average athleticism but great motor, quickness and strength. Solid college production and could be a good fit as an LDE.

My Thoughts: Ayers is a good Rush defender but has yet to reach his pass rushing potential. Bequette could come in and compete for the LDE position to see if the Broncos can add more of a pass rush from the position.

Round 6: Dale Moss, WR, South Dakota St

Big, fast small school receiver. Seems to have the size and tools to be a starting NFL WR but may need some time to develop.

My Thoughts: Never hurts to add a big guy to WR corp and a lot of scouts are high on Moss. I like to take potential in the later rounds and Moss has a lot.

Thats it. I think this year has been a tough year to project and I have no clue what is going to happen but I am really excited with the additions of Manning and the 2 TEs. I hope we still focus on shoring up the middle of the Defense and don't go too heavy on the offense.


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